America: It’s Everything it Ain’t Cracked Up to Be
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America: It’s Everything it Ain’t Cracked Up to Be

I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy a blissful, stress-free American summer, without at least the briefest pains that come with repatriation. Next week I’ll write about culture shock overseas but today my mind is more consumed with the funk of culture shock’s fraternal twin, the oh-so-creatively-named “reverse culture shock.” It’s not so bad.  It comes … Continue reading

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Oh What a Weekend! Part 1

If the above doesn’t accurately capture things, it is also telling that I wasn’t able to pull myself into a vertical position until about 8:15am this morning.  Chris and I had one hell of a weekend. I don’t even know where to start but I think, since I’ve been depriving everyone of photos for awhile … Continue reading


Morning Run

Given that we only just began the 2nd week of 2010, I figured I had better darn well get myself out of bed this morning for my requisite 30 minute, 50% conscious morning run.  Number 2 of 5 for the week and its already Friday.  Oops. The getting out of our warm cozy bed, the wrestling into … Continue reading