Will in America
Baby / Family

Will in America

an unabashed photo dump and all the things I forgot that I love about America Continue reading

Baby / Family

The Weekend

A few photos from the weekend. It was weekend without a lick of writing, but a lot of eating and grandparent-hanging out with. Basking in adoration of grandparents does wear a baby out though it seems… On tap for this week: an installment of Life Lessons from Overseas on the sanity-saving power of travel, some more … Continue reading


A few Honeymoon Photos

Let’s look at some hotel and sunset and beach porn shall we? I’ve got a whole post of just “Chris photos” coming up.  I married an extraordinarily handsome, patient, and sometimes goofy man.  I believe “Awas” means something close to “danger” or “caution” in Malay. And because we never got it together enough to ask someone else … Continue reading

China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 74 In Which I Have An Awkward Moment in the Dumpling Shop

It rained last night and, in that somewhat unsettling Chinese fashion, certain rainstorms usually bring with them clearer skies than normal. Which, in turn, give us glimpses of the sky like this.  So beautiful.  I will never ever take a sunset or a sunrise for granted again. Anyways, today’s topic is awkward moments. I tend … Continue reading