My apologies, I can’t seem to write a post without including a picture of Will… We spent yesterday in a blissful state of baby-watching and food-preparation and then food-eating and good-times-having.  I have a problem when it comes to the holidays.  I thought that with Will this year I would take it easy, I’d make … Continue reading



Yesterday we saw flowers, sunshine, and temperatures in the high 60’s.  Pollution levels were better than they had been in weeks and the oh-so-rare breeze in the air compelled us to throw open the windows, take a sun-drenched 2.5 hour nap on the couch (ok fine, that was just me) and free our pale white toes from … Continue reading


Reverb 10 Catching Up 1-5

I’m late to this ballgame.  In fact, I’m feeling a little behind on everything lately. No messing around here. This is a fact.  There’s a box of Christmas decorations and baking ingredients sitting, waiting, staring sadly at me every time I walk through our front door. Who knew a USPS box could ever look so … Continue reading