Our Annual Labor Day “Hike”
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Our Annual Labor Day “Hike”

Five years later, we’re still hiking on Labor Day–even if sometimes it’s more “hiking” than hiking. Continue reading

China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 71 In Which We Have the Best 3 Hours in China on Qing Cheng Shan

There are so many things I want to write about today’s annual Chris & Dani Labor Day Hike: the mountain, the views, the waterfalls. The sheer happy giddiness we felt at our luck for having found such a beautiful hike among misty waterfalls, mossy green towers of cool damp rock and tiny pink flowers, mysterious carvings … Continue reading


Cherries, Chocolate Cake and Chimps

Technically there are no chimps involved with this post but it did do something for my alliteration.  In any case, some random thoughts and fun links from a sleep-deprived mind to kick off your Friday in gluttony-filled style: Cherries are in season here in Chengdu and aren’t they just gorgeous? So plump and red and juicy, totally … Continue reading