Life Lessons from Overseas: The Sanity-Saving Power of Travel
Life Lessons from Overseas / Travel

Life Lessons from Overseas: The Sanity-Saving Power of Travel

Missing something?  Check out past Life Lessons from Overseas columns: an introduction, culture shock, making friends part I, making friends part II. It’s somewhat disappointing when it turns out that living overseas is not just one nice long 2 year vacation. I mean, you would think that living in a city that attracts tourists and backpackers … Continue reading

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There’s a lot to love about a weekend in Guangzhou: Dim Sum. Hanging out with my mother-in-law. Sunshine. Public Transportation. Folk Art Museums. More Dim Sum. Street Fairs. Watch shopping. Scarf shopping. Food shopping. Great Japanese Food. A really nice steak. An early morning mother/daughter-in law chat filled with baby talk and cute stories about my husband … Continue reading


We’re Back

From Guangzhou, and Shanghai, from the isolated darkest days of the winter tide that has finally turned, no longer are we bracing for the darkest days of the year-we’re looking forward again to the brightest ones. We’ve had beautiful, amazing moments and the most important happenings in the past few months, but we’ve also forgotten … Continue reading