China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 10

Those are edible paintbrushes with meat bun filling.  One of only 30 courses we were served at a lovely dinner at Mr. Yu’s Family Kitchen. Don’t let the “Family Kitchen” bit fool you.  This was high cuisine and whimsical gastronomy-Sichuan style. I’d post more pictures and info now but we had a post-dinner downpour that … Continue reading


Fruit of the Day: Dragonfruit

Is beautiful, flamboyant, wrapped in pretty packaging…and delicious. The fruit is almost creamy, cool, just lightly sweet and refreshing.  Oh and studded through with thousands of addictive crunchy little black seeds. And it’s a stunner. Sitting there in the market all done up in shades of fuchsia and neon green. It looks like something straight … Continue reading