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New Delhi Bonsai Garden

Bonsai garden at lodhi garden #india

In a fit of “we need to get out of the house but Will can’t fall asleep in the car” the other day, I took Will to the Bonsai Garden at Lodhi Garden.

It was…well I suppose I should say upfront that I know nothing about the art of bonsai except that it involves tricking large trees into staying artistically tiny.

And on that front, it appears, to my untrained eyes, that there are some skilled bonsai masters somewhere in Delhi.

Bonsai garden at lodhi

On the other hand, I tend to picture bonsai growing in quiet, serene and wholly immaculate settings. There is nothing outwardly zen about tangles of garden hoses, pots of dead marigolds and weeds in all the bonsai containers and heaps of fallen leaves covering the ground.


Will didn’t mind though and the trees themselves were still quite interesting. Perhaps I just came on an off day. It is very difficult in Delhi for gardeners to stay on top of the constant downpour of leaves from above.

And thank goodness for that, I guess. As cute as the tiny trees are, I’m most grateful for the shade of the really big ones right now. It’s starting to get hot in Delhi and all of the big beautiful green trees in this city do make a huge difference.

Will and Mama


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