What I did last weekend

Camera Roll-49

Of course, as soon as I wrote about getting back into the exploring groove, it was inevitable that we would spend last weekend doing anything but.

Saturday and Sunday I spent long hours either glued to my borrowed laptop screen (both our laptop and desktop have crashed seemingly beyond local repair) or hanging out with Will and friends in the kiddie pool.

The upshot of those hours though was the redo of this:

Approximately 10 days ago, on a whim, I emailed an old friend of ours from Chengdu to ask if he still did website design.  He did and he does and he’s fast and professional, incredibly priced and really good.  

We’re still working out a few of the details on the new site but its up and running and it took less than 10 days and 1/5 of the prices I’d seen quoted by webpage designers on Etsy.

So, if you need a site redesign, check out my friend Werner’s company, Joomper for more information.  And if you find any glaring errors or wonky bits on the new site, please do let me know.

For now, Hot Pot will stay here at this domain but I’ll keep everyone posted if that changes.

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “What I did last weekend

  1. It’s absolutely stunning Dani! Love it. You must be so proud. There is no way someone could look at that website and not want to hire you instantly-to write or take their photos.

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