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A beautiful end to a crazy week

backyard flowers_MG_6339March 12, 2013

Was your week crazy? Everyone I’ve talked to in the last week has said they didn’t get enough sleep, they had lots going on and the weekend felt too short. Us too. Sick toddler, sick husband, husband with bad back, teething toddler, less than 2 hours of unbroken sleep in a row for 5 days straight, lots of work, lots of events, a brand new espresso machine that spontaneously caught fire and no longer functions–I had used it twice. Spending 90 minutes in old Delhi…and then another 90 minutes trying to get home. Last night I stayed up working until 1am after bouncing a screaming toddler around the house from 9-11pm. At 2am he was up again.

And yet,there were also play dates with friends, lots of wonderful heart-to-hearts, lots of iMessages with friends far away, lots of time spent meeting new friends and hanging out with if-not-old-then-older ones. There were also two beautiful baby showers, one for the lovely Mama-to-be who I had the pleasure of photographing last week.

Best Large Size Jessica and Ben and baby_edited-1

Yes, this sort of thing is very fulfilling.

Not sure whether I’ll ever become a “real” portrait photographer, but after this experience, I’d be very happy to try my hand at it again.

Next week things slow down a little bit and I’ll be back with photos from the wedding market, of Will, and whatever else we get up to between now and then. Here’s hoping its a slower, more restful week for everyone!


11 thoughts on “A beautiful end to a crazy week

  1. I hope you’ll have a slower, more relaxing week this week. 🙂 The photos look great! If you like taking portrait photography, I would say why not? Especially being a trailing spouse (sorry if my assumption was wrong), it’s a good business skill to have.

    • Oh it will be you! It doesn’t seem possible but it always is. I used to think my mom was superwoman and now I sort of understand what drove her to all of her superhuman feats! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Yes, I need slower, and more relaxed, but I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next few weeks haha. We have visitors and crazy busy schedules. I love the maternity pics! You did an awesome job

      • In-laws… Four of them! =P And my sister is coming back in a couple of weeks, and I start a new job soon, and Joshua is teething, and and and hahahah I love this crazy life!

      • Oh wow! You are a rock star doing all of that at once!! And with the teething? Bleh! What is the job???

      • Molars…. waahhhh haahhaah
        I’m starting next week as the new co-CLO here in Jakarta! I’m excited but a bit nervous! Can’t wait!

      • So excited about the co-CLO thing for you!!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes, they couldn’t have picked a better person for the job, that is for sure. You will be amazing!

  3. Yes, I know I am repeating myself but B&J’s pics are gorgeous and I am dead serious about booking you next February-ish – we are going to get married again – Indian style…

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