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At Lodi_MG_2863November 29, 2012

One nice thing about living overseas is that, by the time Christmas rolls around, we’ve already been done with all of the card-writing, present-sending and party-throwing for nearly a month—which leaves plenty of time to simply relax and enjoy the holidays when they finally do arrive.

The downside to all this, of course, is that the last few weeks of November and first week of December are just plain nutty.

I usually like to get out with my camera and go somewhere new at least once a week, I also usually like to sleep.  In a couple weeks I’ll get back to doing both, but for now here are a few of the things keeping us busy…

Holiday cards

Planning a menu for a “Cocktails and Cookies” party

Forgetting to return library books

Haggling for a Christmas tree at the local nursery (When I showed the neighbor kids our Christmas tree, they said “Where?” and then “Not uh!”  Its a work in progress.)

Jorbagh nursery

Crossing roundabouts at rush hour to go jogging around Nehru Park with my fearless friend, our kids, and our wonky jogging strollers.

Cooking approximately 18 servings of bolognese sauce

Doing a presentation in front of 300 middle school students (arguably the most terrifying thing I’ve done since…well, since I was in middle school)

Watching Will say “Da Da” and mean it for the first time.

Buying and hanging Christmas lights

Christmas Lights_MG_2883November 29, 2012

Realizing that Will is now tall enough and coordinated enough to use a stool to get into the drawer in the kitchen where I hide keys, markers and other assorted baby crack.

Writing and editing

Trying to convince Will to go back to bed at 12am

Trying to convince Will to go back to bed at 2am

Trying to convince WIll to go back to bed at 4am

Organizing a Lodhi Garden play-date

Will and Andrew_MG_2871November 29, 2012

Wondering when Will’s new teeth will finally come through so we can sleep again

Finding a web designer for Conserve

factory and school site_MG_2753November 22, 2012

Reading our ABC book approximately 112 times

Christmas shopping

Making Will get into the Christmas spirit

Will with headband

Mailing Christmas packages

Practicing walking up and down the stairs 73 times

Frying some amazing leek fritters from the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook

Cooking some very delicious mushroom bourguignon from the SK cookbook

Making our way through 3 gates, 4 security checkpoints, one jam-packed ticketing area and a 20 minute hike to enter the India International Trade Fair with Will, my friend and her delicious 2-month old baby girl.


Imagine the World Expo, except with only Indian food, multiple stages for puppet shows, multi-story exhibits dedicated to each State and approximately 40,000 of your new best friends crammed into less than a square kilometer of space.  There were giant Durgas, lots of shopping, some incredibly creepily realistic life-sized manequins and lots and lots of requests for photos with the baby, the toddler and the tired-looking foreign ladies silly enough to take their kids to the IITF on the last day, at 4pm in the afternoon.

I can’t wait to go back next year!

IITF 2012

fake people
Those aren’t real people…

How was your week? What did you do?


18 thoughts on “India Instagrammed

  1. My whole week has been hijacked by unpacking. But this weekend, despite tweaking the apartment (it still qualifies as a disaster zone) I have scheduled PLAY because our baking and cooking and decorating and Christmas letters hasn’t even begun. Oh my! Thank you for inspiriting me with your activities and pictures — love the shots of the boys exploring!

    • Ooh I hope you did get to do all of that fun decorating and baking and letter-writing! How absolutely nutty that your HHE arrived right before the holidays! Here’s hoping you have a nice relaxing January planned! 🙂

  2. I found a new model for my piece and I found a cold.
    Not thrilled about the cold but so excited at the prospect of finishing that series.
    Oh and resolved a few outstanding issues with my son and I’m not on the most hated list so all and all it’s been a great week.
    Still need to put up my lights. You’ve got the head start for sure.

    • Minus the cold, that does sound like a wonderful week! I think we only got our lights up because everyone else did the weekend before…peer pressure! 🙂

  3. Smitten Kitchen renewed my love in all things fritters. The girls love squash fritters with leeks and peppers. Mine have to have dipping sauce though.

    What a busy week. One good thing about having pouch mail (good and bad really) is that it’s too tough to send out packages so we can cross that off our list of holiday things to do. That and the holiday cards. I ordered them weeks ago and had them shipped to my amazing state-side sister who is making address labels and mailing them all out for me. Seriously amazing sister!

    Love the photos here and the photos from the last few posts. I really enjoyed your post about the search for the flower market. Loved the story on that one. Congrats on getting an awesome driver. The city has now opened up to you!

    I’ve been sluggish upon our arrival back home after an awesome vacation. You know how that goes. So I’ve been reading, just not commenting. This is such a busy time of year. Reading friend’s blogs is a nice way to relax!

    • Totally hear you on the reading and not commenting. If we all read and commented on every single thing we all wrote, we would have no time to do anything of our own–much less blog about it! 🙂

      I have no clue why we decided to send CHristmas gifts from here this year since we don’t have DPO either–I think because there are so many beautiful thing but wow is it expensive to ship them to people!

  4. Fantastic. Your son is adorable! And what wonderful photos! I envy that you have a family to travel with you. That would be my dream. My week was spent working on grad school applications. Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes.

    • It is so nice to have family with and, even though my son doesn’t talk really yet, it is amazing how much easier it feels to go out exploring with him along for hte ride! Good luck with the applications! What kind of program are you looking at?

      • Yes, most of my traveling has been alone or with a few close friends. I’ve always thought that I’d like to meet someone who wanted to travel *with* me… Thank you for the well wishes on the applications! I’m actually looking at journalism and creative nonfiction writing programs. My passion is writing and I’d like to do more of it abroad someday.

      • Writing overseas would be my dream job too, not always an easy thing to do but it seems to be one of those things that gets easier the longer you do it, best wishes!

  5. Wonderful. Made me miss Delhi. Lived near Nehru park for almost a decade of my growing years. Its best in the sunny days in winters and early spring.

    • Oh there are parts of Nehru park that are so lovely! And yes, these sunny winter days are just so beautiful we hardly ever go inside if we can help it!

    • Omg, I am totally obsessed. It’s practically become a joke in our house lately. “Where did you get that recipe?” “uhhhhh SK?” The leek fritters and spicy peanut brittle are too of my favorites so far (the brittle is ok the first day but even better a week later which makes it perfect for parties and entertaining). I’ve also made the rosemary crackers (delicious) pumpernickle grissini and creme fraiche dip (loved the dip, made my own creme fraiche since we don’t have it here). THe pumpkin cheesecake is good and the brown butter mashed potatoes are our new go-to mashed potatoes recipe.

  6. Wow, you have been a busy bee! The pictures you took of us at Lodhi garden turned out wonderful. Thanks!!! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Gotta make some cookies…

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