Diwali Eve

Stuck in traffic on the way home from the airport, I managed just this quick phone photo of the Diwali preparations going on all over town right now.

Tomorrow is the biggest day of Diwali, the Indian Festival of lights and this year it falls the day after Veteran’s Day so we took advantage of the duo of holidays to get away to Bangkok, Thailand for a few days.  We went to see friends and get our fill of noodles and some non-chicken, non-lentil protein, if you know what I mean:

We forgot our trusty Ergo baby carrier at home so Will rode around in a luggage cart we borrowed from the airport for the weekend.

That’s not true.  Will attempted to climb out of the luggage cart a mere 10 seconds after this photo.  Instead, we carried Will around Bangkok the old-fashioned way, proclaiming all the while that hauling our 20 pound toddler around in heat and humidity completely justified 5+ meals a day and my need to stop for Thai iced coffees every few blocks.

Bangkok was lovely, I’ll write more about it later this week but for now, it suffices to say that we spent the entire weekend hanging out with two of our favorite salt-of-the-earth, why-don’t-we-all-live-in-the-same-place-anymore good friends who took us on a fantastic culinary tour of Bangkok.  We ate…and ate…and ate.  And then when we could eat no more, our friends had us over for one of their famous “Sunday Suppers,” and sent us home to Delhi with surprise bags and bags of Thai goodies which we are now attempting to ration until we can travel back for another fix.

Chris and I have a theory that, when we can swing it, it’s always good to come back from a vacation with a day to spare before it’s time to go back to the office.  Vacations, especially with kids, are rarely totally relaxing and so it’s nice to have a day to sleep in a little, do the laundry, get some groceries and just recharge before its back to the daily grind.  Tomorrow we’re going to get out and try to catch some of the Diwali festivities but hopefully I’ll also get a few minutes to go through some of my (meager) Bangkok photos (too busy eating!) and respond to some more of the wonderful comments you all left on my last post–more coming on that topic soon as well.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?


4 thoughts on “Diwali Eve

  1. We are going to appreciate those luggage carts transiting through bkk’s huge airport now that we’re going stroller-LESS and carseat-LESS on our travels, YAY! Please list your culinary tour eateries in bkk at some point, please. We are spending a few days there after xmas in Bali and all I want to do is eat, especially seafood since we landlocked.

    We had a wonderful long-weekend in Vang Vieng, so beautiful! Will post soon but I’m really behind. Still have last post in the series for Luang Prabang, too, but must get homework and birthday week celebrations prepared first.

    Glad you had a great time with friends. It is so important to reconnect.

    • OOh yes can’t wait to see photos from Vang Vieng and the rest of Luang Prabang! I’m working on a big foodie post but if I leave out any addresses or anything that you want to know, let me know and I’ll pass them along. The no stroller, no carseat thing is kind of nice in that there’s not as much stuff to lug around–but that’s with one squirmy toddler to chase-not two! You guys must have the fast-twitch muscles of Olympic sprinters at this poitn! 🙂

  2. I’ve had a lot of those moments when I forgot to take pictures because I was too busy eating/enjoying whatever I was doing. And then I always feel guilty about it afterwards. But you know, it’s hard to be in the moment if you’re constantly trying to capture it in photos or words. Sometimes it’s OK to turn off the camera/phone/laptop and enjoy the moment!

    I am due for some serious blog catch-up but I was just reading your last post about SAHMs and I’m interested to see what you write. I am in a place now (sans kids) where I feel guilty for not working. It’s like, if I’m not working outside the home and not raising a family, what am I doing? I go back and forth between being OK with it since obviously it was a choice we made (me leaving a traditional career path) as a couple in order for my husband to join the Foreign Service, and feeling really guilty/purposeless which at times I have found has really affected my ability to just ENJOY living in a new country!

    • This sAHM mom post is going to take some work so it might be awhile but that guilt about being home affecting yoru ability to just enjoy your new country TOTALLY GET THAT. What I should ahve done in Chengdu before we got pregnant was traveled on my own and seen China, but I never did because a) I wasn’t making money to pay for my travels and b) I wanted Chris to be able to do it with me. While admirable reasons to stay home, the upshot was that we saw a lot less of China for it and I know now that Chris wouldn’t have minded in the slightest if I had spent money to go actually enjoy living in our new country. It’s tough though, balancing the want to have your favorite person with you to explore because its always more fun when they are around and realizing that if you don’t do it yoruself, if might not happen. As I’ve told a few people now, there is an ART to being unemployed when you might rather be working but don’t technically have to. It takes a while to figure out how to do it happily and gracefully, especially as a type-A work-oriented person.

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