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The Weekend

This weekend we…

visited an “Old Fort” with some dad friends and fellow babies…

and saw our first cricket match in the parking lot…

We attended a birthday party that included approximately 100 people, a magic show, a bouncy castle, a face-painter, the best cornbread I’ve ever eaten and an elephant giving rides to party-goers up and down the street (you know, your average birthday party)…

We colored with Ahyee…

and made dried cherry and almond biscotti as well as a fanstastic new pumpkin soup recipe.

We celebrated the arrival of Halloween candy…

and Will enjoyed his dosa at Dillihaat so much that he cried when we accidentally took it away.

Will eating Dosa

Will eating Dosa

We also hung out with friends, took many, many long walks, welcomed Chris’ dad to stay at Chez Dumm for the next two weeks and, last but not least,

College Street Theater Competition_MG_1589October 20, 2012

watched a fascinating street theater competition at Dillihaat. Way too many photos from the competition coming soon…


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