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Catching Up

One side effect of running around as much as we have been lately is that I get forgetful.  As in I forget my camera’s memory card and my spare, “just-in-case-I-forget-my-memory-card,” memory card.  So I’m introducing a new category for this blog: India Instagram(ed).  Photos in this post are from the New Delhi Craft Museum.

The most wonderful thing about my mother-in-law being here is that she is a blast to be with.  She also cooks up a storm, snuggles with Will, figures out the best way to rearrange our living room and keeps me out and about nearly every day checking out this market or that park.

The only thing she doesn’t do is sit still.  Which is why, when she is here, we don’t either.

Instead we visit markets, emporiums, craft museums, restaurants.  When we are home (not so often) we cook, we move furniture around the room, we take walks, we attempt to keep Will from eating the tree branches in our tiny backyard.

But we don’t really sit.  It all makes for amazing blog fodder but it’s also true that the more I have to blog about, the less time I usually have to actually sit down and write it all down.

Throw in a 3-room paint job, rooms in constant need of scrubbing and sweeping, new babies to shop for, play-dates, an 8.5 mile run around Delhi at 6am (my first long run in 3 years!), new Mamas to bake for, a special ahyee’s birthday and a little man who can not, will not, stay away from the myriad of dehumidifiers, air purifiers and voltage converters littering the floors of this house, car shopping and the “maybe today or tomorrow” nature of our HHE arrival and, well, we’re busy.

In a few weeks, things will settle down again.  I’ll be able to get serious about looking for work, I’ll edit photos again.  Our HHE will have arrived and I’ll have our things put away,  (I can’t sleep when I know there are unopened boxes in our house). We might even have all of our artwork up on the walls already.  We’ll have a housekeeper.  We’ll have a garden.  We’ll have gone out with some new friends.  We’ll have dug a solid foundation for the next two years of our lives here.

But for now, we’re brewing extra pots of coffee, crossing our fingers every time we take Will out around town, and trying to cram in as much settling down and living it up as we can before we collapse into bed every night.

And on a less-than-happy note, today is September 11th, the 11th anniversary of that horrible day.  I’ve never written much about the impact that day had on our family except here in this post.  11 years is a long time, but not for those who lost family and friends in 9/11.  We’re stretching our arms as far as we can from India today, wishing we could hug and hold them close.


8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I love India Instagram(ed)!
    And I totally hear you about all the experiences worth blogging about but not having the time to do so! I’m so like you when it comes to unopened boxes. I wake up in the middle of the night to try to rearrange things when our HHE has just arrived. Have fun!!!!

  2. I love seeing this glimpse of India, even without the fancy camera. Often I am lucky to even get the my iPhone out when I am with the boys. We are just shopping for our first DSLR –trying to decide btwn the Canon 60d or 600d – and I wonder how I will ever use it if I have the boys with me! Any tips appreciated. Also, for the non FS readers like me, what does HHE stand for?

    • Hi Erin! Ooooh DSLR shopping!! Fun fun fun! I have the Canon Rebel (the old version, the 600D) and it still works great for me. After 3 years with this camera I am definitely lusting over a few upgrade features but the Rebel is still a great camera. It’s ISO isn’t amazing but it’s great for the price you are paying and a 50mm lens goes a long way to helping get good shots in lower light. The white balance tends to skew reddeish but that is something that is easy to fix in the settings. Those are really my only complaints which I think is pretty impressive for an entry-level DSLR camera. Otherwise its a great camera. I can shoot in manual and adjust all of my settings in one hand while holding Will with the other (not as helpful when you have twins of course, but worth noting). Whenever I end up upgrading it will probably be to the 7D ,not the 60D but only because I think the 60D is probably more similar to the Rebel than the 7D. I can do some more research though. My only other tip is to buy non-kit lenses (the 50mm is a super affordable first lens) and get lens filters for them. HHE = household effects = 4500 pounds of lovely junks!!! 🙂

      • Thanks for all the tips, I so appreciate it. (And for the FS translations). My husband is going to NYC next week so I think he’s going to buy it in the US because in Ireland it is almost 2x the cost.

        Love the photos you took of your son in front of the lattice work in your most recent post. I would love to see India some day and it’s a treat to see it through your eyes!

      • yes, what is the deal with technology being so much cheaper in the US than everywhere else! Have fun with the new camera and definitely come to India when you get the chance! Would be happy to play hose if you guys make it while we are still here! 🙂

      • Here the VAT (Value Added Tax) is part of the reason why the cost is so much higher for virtually everything–it’s 23%! Thanks for the offer to play host. There’s a lot of animation that happens in India, but thus far his work has yet to bring us there. But a girl can hope!

  3. You have been busy indeed!!! And you painted. I can’t wait to see pictures! I’ve been running around myself and have had no time to blog. We got our bid list and there are two Delhi jobs. Either one of them would be perfect but there are no guarantees, so keep your fingers crossed.


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