13 Months

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Dear Will,

Happy 13-months-old-day in India.

Today I tried to take you on a walk around the block.  Instead we stood in front of our house so that you could greet every person who walked past.

I struggle mightily to convince you to eat-eat anything-sitting down in a chair but these days you prefer your calories on the go, walking around the house, preferably after having thrown your food on the floor several times.

We spent 240 rupees on two trash pails our first weekend in town.  One is currently holding our garbage.  The other is a decoy to keep you from getting into the one with real garbage in it.  Most entertaining $5 we’ve ever spent, it seems.

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As your father likes to say (usually as you’re sobbing dramatically over the great injustices of toddlerhood) you have preferences now.

Preferences, a propensity towards sleeping horizontally in our bed, and a stubborn streak as wide as your father and mother’s combined.

And the most winning smile.

And the funniest grin.

And the most irresistible way of burying your head in my chest and melting into my arms for post-nap snuggles.

This parenting gig only gets more complicated the older you get Will, but it also keeps getting more fun.  Mostly because you are so fun.  And we love you. So, so, so much.

All of our love little man,


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p.s. Does the coloring of these photos look a little weird to you?  I’ve been editing in Flickr’s Aviary app lately and it is just about the most confounding bit of software I’ve ever used…


4 thoughts on “13 Months

  1. So sweet. It just gets better (and harder) the older they get. And then suddenly they are 5 and telling you they “forgot” they had lasagna packed in their lunch for school and that they have two boys to choose from now for marriage. True story. Yours will be obviously differently but no less amazing.

    Love the garbage pail decoy. What a smart idea. We need a dog food bowl decoy and an entire set of clean, never been worn shoes decoys!

    Here’s to lots of growing in India!

    • no way! She has two boys to choose from now for marriage?? That is so sweet! (and I would also be sobbing over the first day of school! Omg, I can see it now. It’s going to cut me to the core.

    • yes! yes it does! And that’s even after I desaturated and de-warmed and did basically everything I could besides put it in black and white. le sigh.

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