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Dinner a la UAB

Camera Roll-390

A house isn’t a home until I’ve made brownies in it. Or until Chris has canned a jar of pickles. Or until we’ve made a meal seasoned with something besides soy sauce and bourbon.

Camera Roll-388

Speaking from recent experience though, brownies made with a splash of bourbon and bread flour are delicious. Perhaps even better than the original. My baking supplies arrive in 2 weeks but I’m not sure yet whether I’ll go back to all-purpose flour and vanilla-flavored brownies ever again.



4 thoughts on “Dinner a la UAB

  1. I don’t know how I’ve never seen your blog before – but it’s fabulous. I’ve loved reading through some of your posts. That’s all. I’m a new fan of your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Brooke! Right back at ya!! Had some friends who lived in Oman for a few years and loved it, what an exciting new post!

  2. Hi Dani,

    these pickles look so good to me, could you please share the recipe on you blog?
    Or e-mail it to me whenever you can find time to do it?

    kind regards from The Netherlands,
    Petra Bastian

    • Hi Petra, I’ll find the recipe and either email you or post it asap. I think its a fairly simple bread and butter pickle recipe (vinegar, salt, sugar) that my husband has toyed with several times.

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