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Camera Roll-358

Lots of writing, lots of packing, lots of crossing things off the Teux Deux list as we countdown to that taxi ride to Dulles and arrival in New Delhi some 24 hours later.

We took Will to the Air & Space museum today so that Chris could show Will all of his favorite airplanes and so that I could check out the (very cool) AirCraft photo exhibit by Jeffrey Milstein.

Chris’ dad likes to tell Chris, and Chris likes to tell me that they went to the museum the very first weekend it opened in 1976.  Our visit today wasn’t quite as historic but it was a nice chance to soak up a few more D.C. vibes before India.

We stopped afterwards for some tapas and cupcakes to round out the evening.  Will tried a bacon-wrapped date and could not be parted with it for the rest of the meal.  He giggled, he cooed and, ultimately, he cried when  sweeping gesture sent his date flying across the room.  Poor kiddo.

A few photos from the day:

Camera Roll-364

Camera Roll-357

Camera Roll-366

Camera Roll-367

Camera Roll-362

Camera Roll-359

Camera Roll-371

Camera Roll-368


2 thoughts on “Air & Space

  1. I can’t believe you are leaving so soon! Safe travels. Also, you are the fourth person who has mentioned Teux Deux — I am downloading the app now. I never met a list I didn’t like …

    • Teux Deux is my favorite to-do list app, it’s actually the only app I’ve ever paid for (at least until I needed a photo editing app this summer). It’s super simple but that’s why I like it. Great for just the little day-to-day things.

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