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A beautiful day

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There are some days when parenting isn’t easy, when plans go awry and hopes for a nice day at the park are dashed by something as seemingly minor as a missed nap or a forgotten diaper.

And then there are the days when naps, meals, traffic and all of those other details somehow fall perfectly into place so that there’s nothing left to do but just enjoy your time together.

We got lucky today.

There was the fact that we left the house (calmly, happily, recently fed and diapered) before 9 am.

And then there was the (super awesome upgraded) rental car we had to pick up coffee and pastries.  Not having a car all summer sure has made us appreciate the conveniences of driving instead of walking everywhere!

Will quietly fell asleep as we enjoyed a scenic drive through the District.

We found (free, shade-covered! street) parking near the zoo.

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While it was definitely a warm and muggy day, the sprinklers installed throughout the zoo rocked Will’s world so hard.  Because we’d left the house early, we were also able to leave the zoo before it got too hot or crowded.

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We drove over to our favorite D.C. restaurant, 2 Amys, for lunch and arrived just early enough to find street parking and to get a table before a line began to form at the door.  This was the first time we’ve been back since before we left for China.

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There are no words for the buratta they serve at 2 Amys.  There are no words for their pizza crust either.  Let’s just leave it at that.

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Will loved his pizza crusts so much that he carried them back to the car with us.

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Will fell asleep in the car again.  We drove to Ikea.

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Well yea, you can’t be two weeks away from leaving the country and not run a few errands right?

Will loved Ikea.  I know, how lucky could we get?

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Not everyday is like this and that’s ok. It makes the ones as beautiful and wonderful as today just that much sweeter.

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9 thoughts on “A beautiful day

    • oh you must go! There used to be plenty of parking in a lot near the restaurant but it’s closed now so I think parking around there at night must be crazy hard. They also do lunch (except Mondays) and brunch on the weekends though! Totally worth the trip! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Becky!! We’re having fun now sorting all of our piles of Target and IKea purchases getting ready for packout 🙂

    • Only a few more weeks though until you and Chutney can have some 2 Amys though! Are you getting nervous? Excited? So thrilled for you and happy to help out however you need while you’re in DC!

  1. so true about the days not always going well but the ones that do are oh so sweet. Our Saturday was like that too! I love arugula on pizza. Eat well in the next few weeks before you head out. I miss arugula and Ikea…and lots of things! Love the photos at the zoo. What a great day.

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