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The “Well Maybe I’ll Just Dab At It” Cake

I’ll admit, I guess I was expecting a bit more smashing…

Camera Roll-329

“You want me to do what with this cake?”

Camera Roll-331


Camera Roll-330

“I am officially not onboard with this idea…”

Camera Roll-332

Camera Roll-335

“Well I guess as long as I can finger-paint all over the table with the frosting…”

Camera Roll-334

(Will’s cousin Jake had to show him the ropes a little bit)

All this from the child who was double fisting his baby back ribs not 30 minutes prior.  Oh well!  It was a delicious cake (a light strawberry angle food-type cake with layers of strawberry puree and cream cheese frosting) so less smashing meant more cake for the rest of us!


4 thoughts on “The “Well Maybe I’ll Just Dab At It” Cake

  1. Surprised you, didn’t he, ha! I think it’s precisely because you were prepared. He prob’ly thought,” Swim diapers? Where’s the nice outfit I can make a mess of?” Cute pictures nonetheless!

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