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The Weekend

Camera Roll-337
A Chengdu-ren reunion!

This weekend?

A whirlwind, literally, figuratively.  Can I just say how grateful we are to still have power?  We fell asleep on Friday night to “a little heat lightning.”  We walked out of our apartment Saturday morning to find metal lamp posts broken in half on the ground and linoleum siding in the park…from the apartment complex 3 blocks away.  Wow.

Camera Roll-347A Chengdu/Bangkok reunion!

Notable Events from the weekend:

*Being able to do laundry.  Still having internet access.  Air-conditioning.

*Walking past the parking lot for the strip mall that houses both Ray’s Hell Burger and Pho 79.  Seeing that parking lot empty for possibly the first time since it was built.  No power.

*Making this yogurt-lemon-blueberry cake.  Making these oatmeal-coconut-chocolate bars.  The cake is so moist it could practically function as a home humidifier.  The bars are so lethal you won’t want to make them unless you have somewhere to take them–out of your house–and fast. (I added a little cinnamon to the mix and browned my coconut oil and butter fyi)

Camera Roll-351

*A play date with Kathleen’s best friend from high school, L, and her adorable and awesome 18-month-old, J.  L’s house has no power so we invited them over for some swimming, lunch, and air-conditioned play time.  J calls chickens “cluck clucks”  and looks like he could be Will’s older brother.  Made my heart melt faster than an ice cream cone in a Fairfax County apartment this weekend.

*Reading this great article.

*Will’s new Muay Thai Boxing Shorts (courtesy of these wonderful people)

Camera Roll-303

*Brunch with our friends from Bangkok, formerly of Chengdu. Walking across Key Bridge together.  Hanging out.  Catching up. On the other side of the world from where we met.  Meeting up with one more Chengdu friend.  Introducing all of them to  Paul’s, the thank-goodness-they-haven’t-opened-a-store-in-New-Dehli-yet-because-damn-those-almond-chocolate-croissants-! bakery in Georgetown.

Camera Roll-302

*Wishing we lived in Bangkok. Wishing our friends lived in New Delhi. Feeling happy and sad that the world is so big and yet so small at the time.

*Admiring Phil’s new hat.  It plays.

Camera Roll-304

*A reunion with some friends in town from New York.  Watching Will fall totally in love with said friends. Once upon a time we all met at work.  They went off to Prague, we went off to China.  Fast forward 4 years later and what do you know?  Those little work place crushes all turned out to be pretty serious, we’re married, they’re married! How fun!

*Will’s Ahyee Kathleen arriving in town.  Watching Kathleen and Will play.  Hanging out with the best sister-in-law ever.

Camera Roll-354

*Remembering we’re leaving for India in less than a month and a half.  Remembering that, as hot as it is here right now, it’s the same temperature in New Delhi…at 3 in the morning.

*Spending more time this weekend attempting to convince Will to nap than he ever actually spent napping.  Why hello there, Creature of Habit!  Would that be your “routine” lying in the shards of glass from the window we just tossed it through?

Do you have power at your house? What did you do this weekend?

Camera Roll-322


6 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. What a fun weekend! I love DC! I love seeing thru Will’s eyes! BKK is amazing! I wish I lived in BKK, too! You’ll have a great time in ND! It’s a big big post, so you’ll find your niche soon after you get there! Are you there for three years?

    • You guys used to be in Bangkok right? That must have been so much fun. Only 2 years in Delhi but I think it will be a fun place to be. And, even better, Chris’ sister, Will’s Ahyee is going to be working at the Embassy school while we are there too! Family at Post overseas? We’re so lucky! Hope you guys had a nice weekend!

      • We were in BKK for almost two years, curtailed the three year tour to move to Jakarta. I’m so happy you will have your sister in law! That’ s going to be awesome! My brother in law, his wife and their four awesome kids are moving to BKK in a few weeks. I’m so excited to have them in the same time zone! We’ll probably spend Christmas with them and I’m already planning my next visit!

  2. Hi Dani! This is Sarah (again). I found you via MPMK’s Storytelling 101 where you left a comment on my guest post. I came by to say hello…and WOW! You lead a most interesting and inspiring life! If you ever travel through Singapore, do let me know! I would be more than happy to take you on a tour of my sunny island home.

    • Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your sweet words! Would love a tour of Singapore sometime! My husband and I went for an ultrasound once when we were living in China but we didn’t do too much except visit doctors and dentists and see the Botanical Gardens–and of course eat! 🙂 Singapore is a nice getaway from India though so I’m sure we’ll be back again sometime soon!

  3. We managed to get to the airport and leave DC after the storm, thank goodness (that just made me sound old). Made it to the mountains of CO and simultaneously hit by fatigue, altitude, allergies and PMS! still had a great time though. Is Will starting to skip his nap already?! Our M just started to skip hers but she’s 2.5.

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