Camera Roll-301

I’m spending Will’s naps today drafting some posts, editing photos, and  futzing around with our knock-off version of Adobe InDesign (it’s called Inkscape, in case you are in need of something similar–it’s a crowd-sourced, linux based, free software that I really have  no clue how to use; but nonetheless, seems fairly functional).

This weeks’ Life Lessons from Overseas post should be up tonight or tomorrow, but until then will someone please explain to me how I ended up with an almost 1 year old baby in need of a (small, totally un-Pinterest-worthy) birthday party already?  I mean, look at this little man!  When did he go and get so grown-up looking on me?

Camera Roll-304

Camera Roll-300

Camera Roll-303

Camera Roll-302


3 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. Wow! How exciting! I remember Evan’s first birthday party. And I’m already thinking about JOshua’s although he’s just 6 months old. Time flies by and your Will just keeps getting more handsome every time we see him!

    • Aww Thanks Ana! You have such an eye for design I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Joshua’s party. Loved seeing you on Apartment Therapy as well! It was so neat to read that and be like, wait! I “know” that person! 🙂 What a cute room!

      • Hi Dani. Thanks! To be honest I’m considering having just one party for both the boys but I feel guilty about not going all out for Joshua’s first like I did for Evan’s. I still have time to decide. Thanks for your comments on the room! We had fun putting it together and as you probably know it’s not always easy while overseas. Evan loves it and that’s all that matter after all! =)

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