10 Months

Camera Roll-267

Dear Will,

Before you were born I told your Daddy that what mattered to me most, after your health and your happiness, was that you be a good person.  The sort of person who always treat others with respect and bestows kindness on everyone he meets.

You are only ten months old, your character is hardly set in stone, but this month you awed me with just how sweet and kind you are already.  I know rationally that all babies are sweet in their own ways, but you still make my heart melt a dozen times a day.  You love to laugh with your daddy and I, and you love to bat your eyes at anyone who looks your way in the grocery store.  You amaze me with your ability to read emotions already.  If someone tells me something and I react with concern or sadness, your smile falls and you too look concerned.

You are reaching that stage where you like to share things with us; so you try to feed me your yogurt with a spoon and laugh your funny little laugh when it lands on my nose.  You offer me your Cheerios and giggle ecstatically when I accept them.

The other night while we were snuggling before bed, you suddenly took your pacifier out of your mouth and thrust it in my face with this earnest look on your face.  When I pretended to suck on it, you gave me the biggest, most radiant smile I’ve ever seen.  You don’t talk yet, but I felt like that gesture was sort of like your way of talking.  You’ve been offering me your pacifier every night since and it’s the sweetest, most wonderful thing I’ve experienced from you yet.

Camera Roll-270

During the day you are constantly on the go, constantly learning new things.  You cruise around pretty well now and you’ve just started standing on your own for a few seconds at a time before carefully sitting back down on your own.  It’s funny, sometimes you are so cautious and careful and other times I feel like your Daddy and I are non-stop lunging across the room to save you from yourself as you attempt to crawl over the side of the bathtub or climb on top of the dishwasher.

Playing with you became so much more interactive this month.  You love it when I crawl around on the floor with you and play “hide and seek.”  You like when we roll a ball back and forth and you finally prefer to turn the pages when we read from your board books, instead of just trying to eat them.  You also like throwing things.  Lots of things.  Everything.  Over and over again.  Honestly, the look of glee on your face when I hand you back the toothbrush you’ve just thrown a dozen times makes me almost happy to pick it up for you another dozen more.  Almost.  I mean, you could definitely get over this stage any time you want to, ok?

You finally have some teeth!  Two of them!  They came in at almost the exact same time. After waiting so long for those teeth I can hardly stop staring at your mouth!  Aside from some skipped naps and some restless nights, you hardly seemed to react to the discomfort those shiny, sharp new additions must have caused.  I don’t know if its just a coincidence, but you’ve gotten much more keen on eating real food since they’ve started coming in.  We tried some bulgogi and bits of a Japanese omelet this week and you actually ate bits of both–and then clamored for more.  You’ve finally come around to hummus and you love when I share some of my pho broth with you.  Such a change from the “I’m going to put this in my mouth and then spit it out repeatedly” train we were on for so long.  I guess you just weren’t really and truly ready for solids until now.  I’m sure we will be in for some serious picky-eating stages at some point, but its just so nice to be able to feed you at least a few things for now.

Will, sometimes when we are on the ground playing, I just have to sit and stare at you in wonder.  Wonder at all of the things you are learning how to do and the sweetness you show your daddy and I, and all of the people we meet when we are out and about in the world.  I hug your tiny little shoulders and kiss your soft, sweet baby cheeks as many times in a day as you’ll let me, because I know you are growing up so fast, faster than I can really comprehend.

Camera Roll-265

People always say their kids are the best thing that ever happened to them; but until now, I never realized just how lucky I am and how blissfully good it feels to have the “best thing that could ever happen to me” usually sitting just a hug and a top-of-head-smooch away from me.  Your Daddy and I are lucky, lucky parents, Will, to get to spend our days with you.

All of our love,


pssst these next two photos are a bit wonky (Will reset my autofocus points and it took me about 5 clicks before I realized I needed to set them back) but Will picked up my mom’s tripod before I could stop him and his reaction was too funny not to include.  Sorry about the “handsome” onesie.  It’s not my favorite, but it was clean!!

Camera Roll-266

Camera Roll-273


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