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This Weekend We…

Camera Roll-271

Communed with the dishwasher, took some long walks, had some old Chengdu friends over for a Chinese take-out picnic on our living room floor, played with new friends in the pool, ate burgers, cleaned the house, destroyed the house, finally bought sunglasses to protect our weak eyes after 2 years in Chengdu, and got the spare room ready for my mom to fly into town tonight.

We also….

Enjoyed some honest-to-goodness only-in-America fare…

Memorial day weekend

Caught glimpses of Rolling Thunder…

Memorial day weekend

Played with new camera lenses…

Camera Roll-273

Someone around here used the weekend to finally (finally!) get some teeth…

Camera Roll-269

And yes, the dishwasher again.  Looking for us?  We can usually be found hanging out at the dishwasher, throwing clean spoons onto the floor and putting them back again.  Funny how, when it comes to babies, the most annoying-sounding things can sometimes be the most fun.

Other totally random thing I did this weekend?  Took some photos and hung out with some free runners hurling themselves over concrete barriers on the roof across from our apartment building…

Freerunners in Arlington

Random, but also a lot of fun.   More to come on free runners, Part II of an Awkward Turtle’s Guide to Making Friends (tomorrow), and camera lens reviews soon.


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