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The Culture Shock Post is Coming…I promise!

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Last week I responded to a comment from the lovely and talented Eve about how I find time to blog so prolifically.

Big mistake. If I’ve learned anything about the relationship between blogging and child-rearing its this: whatever I blog about becomes instantly inaccurate and just laughably wrong.

If I write that Will is sleeping soundly, he wakes up.  If I write that I do chores while he is awake, he disintegrates into a mess of “Mama please help me throw my toys onto the floor over and over again for hours or else I will cry.”

And if I say I use his naps to write, well then I’ve really screwed myself over: he wakes up and I come down with a nasty case of writer’s block.

That’s life with a 9 month old and I’m not complaining (much); but really this post is a long and roundabout way of saying the post on culture shock is coming, it really is.  It’s got contributions from some of my favorite FS spouse bloggers, its even got original artwork!  It’s just…not finished…yet.  But it will be soon, hopefully in the next day or so.  I feel really bad about the delay.

On the upside, if you have any personal stories or blog posts about culture shock that you’d like me to include or link to, there’s still time!  I would love to include your thoughts.

And in the meantime, one of my favorite things about living overseas is collecting foreign language words that have no English equivalent but that encapsulate a feeling, phenomenon or situation so perfectly you can’t help but add them to your everyday speech.

The Chinese phrases, “mei ban fa” (sort of like a linguistic shoulder shrug, a “what can you do?” literally: no option/alternative) and “ma fan” (sort of like hassle, but not quite) are 2 of my personal favorites.

But then my sister-in-law sent me this awesome link full of even more non-English words to love.  I’m thrilled to finally have a word that perfectly describes how I feel about Will playing on the floor in his Daddy’s dress shirt.  What are your favorite non-English words?

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