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A few photos, fewer words, & what’s up with my family and Sky Mall?

Camera Roll-176

Hi.  Some photos from the past week and a half of seemingly non-stop motion.

Camera Roll-158

My family has this thing with the Sky Mall catalogue. Remember Chris’ wedding ring that we bought after seeing it in Sky Mall? I still need to ask Chris’ Mom what was in the catalogue that everyone found so interesting at dim sum.  Personally I was most intrigued by the portable sauna pod (chair and travel case included).

Camera Roll-150

My sister’s boyfriend with Will. Will has a thing for shiny watches and piercing and he generally found Spencer beyond fascinating. My sister and her boyfriend generally found Will beyond mysterious. Adorable but mysterious. All of that poop? All of that work? I think it will be awhile before Will gets any cousins.

Camera Roll-154


Camera Roll-169

Ahyees and Uncles.

Camera Roll-173

Chris attempting the Sunday New York Times crossword (it did not end well).

Camera Roll-179

With Grandpa Dumm last week:

Camera Roll-153

I think Chris is wearing me down on the new camera idea. I sort of like the pixelated retro look of my photos, on the other hand, it would be nice if that was a more optional feature.

Camera Roll-168

My head is full of writing these days. Sometimes I wonder why I feel this absurd need to put things to paper…or keyboard I guess (since I stopped being able to write legibly years ago).  Do you ever do that?  Write drafts of things in your head?  My favorite things to draft in my head are rant-y letters to corporations outlining areas for improvement.  Unlike blog posts though, I never actually write them.  Would be fun to sometime.

In any case.  Posts on tap for the next week or two weeks or so:

*Will’s 9 month post complete with battle scar photos (Will meet the coffee table, coffee table meet Will)

*Ten Things I learned in China about being a trailing foreign service spouse

*Our digs in Rosslyn

*Confidence-do you have it, not have it, or do you just not care?

*Grandparent Guilt-mine, not theirs.

*And how I didn’t realize I was a stay at home mom until I took the metro at rush hour in D.C. (So that’s why I stay in sweatpants all day and don’t fill out a timesheet anymore!)

Also working on a few things for the other blog, more to come soon.


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