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And We Return You Now to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

And now 2 tanks of gas, 12 hours of driving, and one weekend later, we are back.  After a brief scramble this morning “where are the keys?  Who will take our one working cell phone?  Why do we have a bag of coffee and no coffee filters?” Chris left this morning for his first day of training.

In a quick change of plans, Chris’ mom came down to D.C. with us to see a few eye doctors instead of returning to China last night.  We went to see them this morning and they say things are looking pretty good but that she can’t leave us until at least next Monday.  I won’t lie, we are a little thrilled to get to keep her here with us for a whole extra week, no one more than the little man who spent hours today on the floor playing with his Nai Nai.

It was a long, emotional weekend for Chris’ family but, if I can say so without sounding horrible, it was good in that way any occasion that celebrates a loved family member and brings everyone together can be.  Paupau left behind a big, beautiful family full of amazing people who will miss her dearly.

The ceremony was lovely (though I admit I missed most of it Will-wrangling) there was a traditional Cantonese lunch followed by a late night barbeque out at a cousin’s gorgeous new house.  Little kids toddled around in footie pajamas, having too much fun to sleep, big cousins caught up on each others lives.  We tossed wiffle balls around the yard, ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and fluffy pink Chinese bakery cake, and watched Will light up (and then promptly burst into overtired tears) we passed him around from ahyee to ahyee.

After dim sum on Sunday we piled into the car for the long ride home.  We left Flushing at 4pm, got home around 11pm.  Will hates his car seat under normal circumstances, but after 7 hours in the car last Sunday, 3 hours Thursday, 5 hours Friday, 4 different beds in as many days, traffic, and with a bad head cold that ruled out nursing or sucking his pacifier, lets just say that it was a long, long drive.  It was so worth it though, and I’m glad we could be there to be with Chris’ mom and the rest of the family.

I’m still feeling a little behind the 8 ball what with eye doctors and getting settled and remembering to carry keys and credit cards, follow pedestrian crosswalk signs and the thrill of keeping my own house clean again.  It is so nice to be back though, it really is.  After running around and doing chores until the late afternoon, we spent this evening watching Will revel in the freedom to crawl and cruise for 3 hours straight-without once having to pick him up to take him somewhere.  It was such a treat.

Getting photos on this blog without my desktop computer is a bit tricky, involving a few ipad apps, flickr and some additional steps but hopefully I’ll get some photos up tomorrow along with a few of the other posts I’ve been drafting in my head for the past few weeks.

So how are things with you?




One thought on “And We Return You Now to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Welcome back! How long are you guys in town? I’m glad to hear that you were able to enjoy family. That’s always the nice side of tough things like that.

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