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In Charlottesville

The thunk as he hit the ground was sickening. In the space of less than two seconds I manage to fly across the room, drop an F-bomb in front of my father-in-law, apologize for my sailor mouth, scoop Will up in my arms, and feel like the foulest most horrible mother on the face of the planet.

Yes, on our first morning in Charlottesville, Will took his biggest knock to noggin yet. He was fine. He stopped crying in minutes and started playing and smiling in just a few more. But Chris and I were decidedly not fine as we watched the goose egg on his forehead swell up and turn purple.

The staff at the emergency room hid bemused smiles at our panic as they watched Will happily attempt to take apart their emergency room with his bare hands and flirtatious grins. We knew he would be ok before we even got to the hospital, but it was good to hear it from the doctor as well.

Will recovered from his bump with an appetite-for Southern Food it seems. Our son who used to sit docily through our dinners out now whines and grabs and pouts when we don’t share cornmeal battered soft shell crab with him.

Two nights ago, as I opened my mouth to eat a piece of pulled pork, Will let out a cry, snatched the meat out of my hands, and stuck it in his mouth. Then he wanted more, pork juice running down his chin. Last night he demolished a quarter of a buttermilk biscuit. Don’t ask me what we are doing with foods. It’s not a baby food diet, it’s not baby-led weaning, it’s just kind of a “give him everything that he can gum without choking as long as its not a French fry” diet. Apparently Will likes shrimp, he likes bread, he is not so keen on typical jarred baby food nor pistachio gelato, but he likes expensive pouches of organic baby food and he likes Greek yogurt and strawberries a whole lot. Pediatrician said not to worry about allergies or delay introducing certain foods, so we aren’t and it’s been nice.

Cville is as lovely as I remembered. The skies are so beautiful and blue and the neighborhoods are hilly and beautiful to run through.

Added later…

I thought we would be spending this weekend settling into our place in DC but, sadly, Chris’ grandmother just passed away last night. Instead of unpacking and buying groceries, we are heading up to New York for the weekend. It’s certainly not been the home leave we expected, but it will be good to see Chris’ family even though the circumstances are far less than ideal.

Sorry for more random iphone typing. More later when we finally settle down, whenever that is.


3 thoughts on “In Charlottesville

  1. I am sorry to hear about grandma. My condolences. Dont’ worry about the food thing. My son never ate babyfood. He wanted whatever I was having and screamed if I didn’t give it to him. I bought one of those cheap hand cranked food mashers and gave him everything. He is now 12 and not allergic to anything. He will eat whatever I put in front of him and is especially interested in disgusting food; snails. frog legs, sushi, mussels. He will eat it all. Embrace it. As for the bump, just one of many, I am sure. Our boys were in the ER so often getting stitched up or casted that they once did an all over body check on my youngest and asked me to wait outside. That one hurt.

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