Baby Bath time


Babies in bathtubs are cute right?  Before Will was born, there were few things I looked forward to as much as the bath toys and the splashing and the sweet downy smell of a clean baby wrapped up in a towel all warm and snuggly.

And then we had Will, and I came to the realization that bathing a newborn isn’t fun, not at all.  It’s a tricky endeavor for a new mom, one that always left me such a sweaty, nervous mess.  I mean, babies are slippery little creatures to begin with, combining them with a body of water and soap bubbles just seems like an unnecessarily bad idea.  You need one hand to support their wobbly little head, you need another hand to make sure their wee little bum doesn’t slide down the seat, dunking them up to their eyebrows.  You need a third hand to make sure you keep the water out of their eyes and ears, and you need a fourth hand to actually wash all of their wee little bits.  And heaven forbid you have a poop explosion in the middle of the bath–at that point you actually need the assistance of a whole other person–and possibly a hazmat team as well.

What I’m trying to say is that I really don’t like bathing a newborn baby.  Will got a lot of sponge baths until he was old enough to sit up.


Around the time we got back from Thailand though, something changed.  Will started really enjoying the water and started sitting well enough that, as long as one of us was in the tub with him, we could give him a bath in the big person bathtub.  Chris and I would switch off nights taking a bath with him while the other person hung out in the bathroom to chat and grab towels, etc.  It was a fun ritual.


Of course we have no pictures because a) the lighting in our Chengdu bathroom precluding decent photos and b) you really don’t want to see pictures of Chris and I in our swimsuits on this blog.

Here in Wisconsin though, my parents have an infant tub and a nicely-lit bathroom so, at last, cute baby bath pictures!







3 thoughts on “Baby Bath time

  1. So glad you made it safely back home. Love the pics, especially the one with the baby reflection on the knob. I actually am still nervous about giving Max a bath. I do it but he is so incredibly wiggly these days that I am afraid he will fall and hit his head or something like that. I envy you a little because back home you don’t have to worry about him drinking the water. My little one loves to drink water from the shower when I rinse him and the water here is not drinkable…

  2. We don’t give Will a bath in the big bath without one of us in with him, he’s too apt to try and stand up and eat the faucet! oh do I feel your pain on the bath water!! Our water in Chengdu actually came out of the tap a brownish-yellow color–very not potable. There’s not much you can do though, there’s no way to keep them from having at least a little of it unfortunately!

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