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Random Thoughts of a Jet-lagged Mind

Will with ayi

Will with our ayi before we left Chengdu, I’m glad we have this picture to show Will someday.  Even though she never had to watch Will for more than about 15 minutes at a time, she loved playing with him and he with her.  We were so lucky to know her while we were in Chengdu.

I hate jet-lag.  It’s not so much the sleepiness during the day and the lying awake at night–I’m way too chronically sleep-deprived to lie awake at night no matter what the circumstances–its the constant fuzzy, moving in a bubble under water feeling that really gets to me.  I haven’t been seriously drunk more than a handful of times in my life; but to me, jet lag feels like being really, really drunk and really really hungover at the same time.  I can’t find the right words to express my thoughts, I can’t focus, I can’t remember things.  Yuck.  Every time we’ve made the trip back and forth to China, and especially now that we have Will, I always have to squelch the urge to give up on travel forever and beg Chris to become a boring tax accountant-type  based in Virginia who grumbles over a once-a-year 3 hour plane ride to Disney World.

Jet lag aside though, Will has been amazing, seriously, we’ve been so lucky so far with our laid-back little traveler.  Our journey from Chengdu to Green Bay, Wisconsin was long, really, really long.  We took a 2.5 hour flight to Shanghai, followed by a 4 hour layover, followed by a 13.5 hour fight to Chicago (including 3+ hours of straight turbulence during the dinner service) followed by a 3.5 hour drive to my parents houes from Chicago.  All told, we travled for over 26 hours straight and, save for a little crying in the car, Will slept and played quietly the entire trip.   He spent most of the 13.5 hour flight from Shanghai in my arms but whatever, I’ll take no sleep and numb fingers over a screaming baby on a plane any day.  (Although that first night in Green Bay, when Will stayed awake until 2am crying with gas pains before waking up for good at 4:30am…oooh that was a little rough).

I knew that watching my parents with Will would be sweet and rewarding, but I forgot to consider what it might be like to introduce Will to my parents’ curmudgeonly old, notoriously anti-social fat tabby cat.  Hands down, one of the greatest justifications for having children yet–funny baby-animal interactions.  Surprisingly, the cat has been quite tolerant of Will “petting” him on the nose and trying to grab his tail; but its hilarious to watch the cat sort of tense up and freeze warily when he sees Will padding over to him as fast as he can crawl, drool dripping from his enthusiastic smile, pudgy hands outstretched to grab onto as much fur as possible before the cat leaps over him and bolts across the room to go hide under a bed.  Its the stuff America’s Funniest Home Videos makes a mint off of.

We took Will to the pediatrician yesterday for an early 9 month well check.  The Doc confirmed what we already knew, we’ve got a long and lean baby ninja on our hands.  He’s holding on to the 67% for length but he’s still only in the 10% for weight.  Whenever I’m carrying him and thinking about how heavy he feels, I remind myself that 90% of all the other mothers out there are carrying heavy babies than I am.   I won’t lie, it helps.

My mom left an entire apple pie sitting on the counter yesterday.  Her apple pies are legendary, made with what could be called heirloom-ish apples from my Grandfather’s land up north.  There is no resisting the cinnamon siren song of that pie.  The woman doesn’t fight fair.  I don’t mind gaining a few pounds here in America but not from one pie-and not all in one day.

I played with a big, fancy camera at the store yesterday. The 7D.  Pretty.  Tempting.

Target.  Holy cow Target.  I forgot how nice it is to be able to walk into a store and buy things.  Its so cheap!  It’s so easy!  It stops being so cheap when its so easy!!

I love blue skies.  I will never, ever, ever, take blue skies for granted ever again.
Will with family

I don’t have many pictures of Will and I, but my Dad grabbed my camera while we were playing in the backyard this past weekend and took this shot.  Its not the most flattering picture, but I like it because Will is standing up and the sun is shining.

Will is having a hard time adjusting to complete strangers ignoring him on the street.  He keeps looking hopefully at everyone and then seems kind of confused when no one comes over to coo at him.  Thank goodness for grandparents, I think they are cushioning the blow a little for him.

Time to go get dressed and get ready to take Will for some pancakes!


One thought on “Random Thoughts of a Jet-lagged Mind

  1. Three cheers for cute baby-animal interactions! =) Glad you guys are settling back in nicely. Be careful around that apple pie. I somehow managed to get 10 pounds on myself during two measely months back in the States. Might be some sort of record. (But also probably worth it. =))

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