Love this Kid…

8 month old crawling

Its official, 8 months is the coolest age yet.

A few days ago, Will learned how to crawl.  Today, he figured out how to open up a cabinet and pull out everything inside.  The trash bin in the kitchen is a new, endless source of fascination.

Granted, this is a rather inconvenient time to have to baby-proof an apartment, what with us vacating in less than 2 weeks, but even so.  It’s amazing how quickly Will went from being a rather cute but mostly passive creature, to a curious little exploring machine, scooting around on chubby little legs with a big drooly grin on his face.  Lately he’s taken to crawling into my lap mid-play.  He puts his hands on my legs and then waits for me to scoop him up for a hug and a few kisses on the top of his downy little head.  After a few seconds he wriggles out of my lap, cuddle quota fulfilled and ready to play again.  He may be content with just a few hugs and snuggles at a time, but I can’t get enough.  Of his cuddles, of that serious look on his face when he’s concentrating so hard on his toys, on the look of sheer joy as he scoots across the room, so thrilled with himself and his new found powers.

He’s becoming such a social creature.  When we laugh, he laughs.  When we’re smiling, he smiles.  He gets bashful, he gets excited.  Under no circumstances does he want to sleep when Mamma and Daddy have friends over for dinner and there are new and interesting people around to hang out with.

I know the older Will gets the more complicated parenting him becomes, but I can’t help but feel like its also getting a lot more fun.  We’re so lucky to have him.


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