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A Few Things…

baby and daddy laughing

1. What with all of the “omg we are leaving China in less than 3 weeks and we have not started getting ready!” going on around here, I foresee quite a few more of these stream-of-consciousness posts and lots more typos before we head back to America for a few months and then onwards to New Delhi.

2. I’m slowly, slowly getting my new site up and going and I’ll do a big debut with a bunch of Chengdu pictures soon.  For now though, a Will & Chris photo from a few weeks ago!  It’s been sort of nerve-wracking trying to design this new site knowing I basically have the deadline of pack-out to get all of the photos edited and everything the way I want it.  I’m not particularly proud of the photos, I see so many flaws!  The site looks nothing like the super clean, aesthetically-pleasing wonder I wish it was, but I’m no web designer so I suppose it will take some time to work out the bugs.  The writing?  Well, I’ve worked hard on it but its hard to ever call it all finished.  I’m trying really hard not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good so hopefully I’ll share the address soon.  Until then, work work work!

3. We’ve had insanely beautiful clear skies and clean air the last few days.  No idea which big important person was in town but I do know exactly how many people were outside enjoying the gorgeous weather: everybody, every single person in Chengdu.

4. The other day I saw a truly ancient couple shuffling slowly down the street, pushing a wheelchair.  As I got closer I realized they were arguing with each other about who needed to ride in it more.  Neither wanted to give in and admit they could really use a rest and so they both just kept limping along, pushing the empty wheelchair.  I’m going to have to write book someday and put that scene in it.

5. On the same day I saw the old couple with the wheelchair, I also saw an all-out brawl at a gas station.  A young man in a trendy blazer seemed to have hit a young woman’s car and caused a bit of a smokey mess.  She tearfully thrust a cellphone in his face over and over and he kept shoving her out of his way, not making eye contact.  When he tried to leave the gas station premises, all 8-10 gas station attendants jumped on him as a crowd of about 150 people watched.  Men, women everyone was on the ground pushing and shoving and shouting.  Interesting.  In China people do have car insurance but it doesn’t work the way it does in the U.S.   Instead of filing claims and then receiving payment, you pay off the victim first and receive a reimbursement later.  Of course, who really wants to pay out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement?  No one does.  Hence all of the drama and brawling over every single little fender bender.

6. We made about 100 spinach and pork dumplings this weekend, hopefully enough to get us through a few meals after all of our stuff is packed up and we don’t feel like cooking anymore.  Today’s project is boiling and baking 2 dozen cinnamon-raisin bagels for a “coffee social” and for Chris and I to live off of after I pack up my bread pan next week.  Next week!  Already!

7. Chris’ mom came to visit this past weekend.  It’s always so great to have her around, I really do have the best mother-in-law in the world.  Not only is she a great person and really great in the mother-in-law department, but she’s also just a pleasure to hang out with, much like my own mom who I can’t wait to see in a few weeks.

8. I’m doing a big post of Will for his 8 month “birthday” on Wednesday so I won’t write much about him today but it’s crazy to think how much things have changed since he was a little baby.  There was a time when he woke up within 5 minutes of me waking up, no matter what time I tried to sneak out of bed.  For months on end, I spent every single night form 6pm until 10:30 or 11pm bouncing him around our bedroom, unable to sit down or do anything but shush and bounce.  He wouldn’t let Chris hold him, he wouldn’t sleep in his crib for naps.  I literally had about 15 minutes a day to myself to cram in a shower, a little bit of two-handed typing and some tidying up around the house.

Most days now though  I can actually get up an hour before he does to have some quiet time before I go on Mama duty for the day.  He’s still up in the night more times than I’d like to publicly admit, and it takes about 4 or 5 tries to get him down in the evening but even so, its so much better than it was.  It’s true, no stage lasts forever and it really does get easier.  These days, instead of racing out of his room when he falls asleep to get my 15 minutes of productive time, I find myself softly kissing his soft, chubby cheeks and holding him a few extra minutes.  He’s growing up so fast, I won’t get these sweet sleeping baby kisses forever.

Wil just woke up and I have those bagels to boil, and a sleepy baby to snuggle with before he gets to excited to get moving for the day.  Happy Spring!


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