Thursday Thoughts At Random

An old picture from Guangzhou, part of my oh-crap-I-needed-to-finish-editing-all-of-these-photos-by-yesterday project.

1. There way are too many things to get done before we pack up our big Mac and say goodbye until sometime in the fall when we are reunited in New Delhi.  That means 4+ months without the photo-editing software I’m just learning how to use, and less than 4 weeks to get everything done ahead of time.  I’m drafting a bunch of (hopefully) thoughtful pieces for my new blog, rewriting pieces to submit for publication elsewhere, and still writing stuff for this blog.  Unlike with China, India and the US have a bilateral work agreement which means I can finally work again in Delhi.  Knowing that these blogs are as close to a portfolio as I’ll get for some time means it all suddenly feels vitally urgent in a way it didn’t before.  I find myself bouncing between drafts, spending 5 minutes with one piece, ten minutes with another, jotting down notes in my notebook while playing with Will, adding lines here and there, but there never seems to be enough time to sit down and finish anything and be done with it.

2. Which is why I’m writing this silly, stream-of-consciousness-post.  Hitting “publish” on something, anything, is a source of fuel, it keeps me going.

3. Another kind of fuel: I made a chocolate cake yesterday, the deep, dark, rich, not-too-sweet kind of chocolate cake.  The kind that has only 5 ingredients: chocolate, butter, sugar, 5 eggs, and just a tablespoon of flour.  It’s almost elegant in its simplicity.  I like that.  On days when I’m scribbling away at the computer, dark circles under my eyes, and dried-up carrot puree all over my yoga pants, I feel like I need some elegance in my life.

4. I ate some of said elegant chocolate cake at 5:30am this morning.  After three days in a row being awake from about 3:30am onwards, I can’t think of a better way to power through the morning than a little bit of dessert for breakfast.

5. Speaking of breakfast and fuel and implied sleep deprivation, have I ever shown you my coffee mug?  Nursing Will, I try to moderate my coffee consumption.  It helps to have a smaller mug to drink it out of, that way I feel really indulgent when I have two (watered down) cups of coffee in the morning.

While we were in Bangkok we ducked into a Dunkin Donuts, of all places, to sit down for a minute and change Will’s diaper.  I happened to notice that their “for here” coffee mugs were the perfect size for my morning coffee ritual and so we asked if they would sell one to me.  129 Bhat or approximately $4.5 dollars later, I was the proud owner of this here mug:

I love it and I love that every time I drink out of it, I remember our trip to Thailand.

6. I can’t deny the truth to myself any longer: I like Taylor Swift.  Previously I dismissed her and her mainstream crossover style of pop, her heartfelt lyrics about teenage angst.  I mean sure I always cried a little when “Love Story” plays on the radio in the States, but whatever.  Everybody does, right? It didn’t mean anything.  Then I watched the music video for her new single “Safe and Sound” from the Hunger Games soundtrack yesterday.  Gah! That girl has talent!  Pop artist she may be but it’s a beautiful, haunting sort of song and I’ve listened to it at least 6 times since yesterday.

7. I’m still working on my baby gear recommendations post and I think I’ll have to postpone it until next week, I need to take a few more pictures.  Also, turns out, we don’t actually have (or like) that much baby gear?  Who knew?

8. I own 4 pairs of jeans.  1 pair is wholly unflattering, an ill-advised clearance purchase.  The other 3 pairs are only a few more holes away from being reclassified as “chaps” and requiring a second pair of pants underneath in order to wear them in public. This is what happens when one stops buying clothes after college to save money for more grown up things like Roth IRAs and vacations and babies.  That being said, I’d like to not have to wear my corduroys in the middle of New Delhi in August.  I think its time to buy some new pants.

9. On Tuesday we hit 65 degrees and the sun shone for 4 hours straight.  It goes without saying that the babies were all still so bundled up that only their eyes and cheeks were visible. In contrast, Will and I enjoyed some time on the swings…hat-less (the horror!).

10. I don’t have a number ten, time to get back to more writing and editing and writing.


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts At Random

  1. OMG – I thought I was the only old lady that liked Taylor Swift. I love pretty much everything I have heard her sing but Mean is my favorite right now. Have you heard it? It really resonates with me for some reason….

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