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Welcome to the Baby Toy Menagerie

baby with melissa and doug bug jar

Will doesn’t have a ton of toys yet, at least compared to how many I’m guessing we’ll have for him in the future.

Even so, we’ve managed to put together quite a menagarie of animals and other creatures on his play mat and its one of Chris’ keenest pleasures to give them all names.  If we are going to be honest, playing with a baby as little as Will can sometimes get a bit repetitive so Chris and I like to amuse ourselves imagining the interactions between Will’s assorted stuffed animals.  We think they are a rather distinguished group, despite spending most of their days covered in drool.  So, without further ado, I give you:

Sheldon, the Spider

Floyd, the Monkey

Frank, the Giraffe

Sophie, the Giraffe

Murphy, the Butterfly

William Howard Taft, the Elephant

Ralph, the Ladybug

Rupert, the Grasshopper

Francine the Firetruck

Molly the Police Car

And err Buggy, the Bug Jar.

An aside: Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a baby surrounded by all of his toys?  It was ridiculous that I even tried.

Sheldon, Murphy, Ralph and Rupert are all from the Melissa and Doug’s bug set we bought Will for Christmas.  Hands down, its my favorite of Will’s toys.  All of the bugs rattle, squeak or crinkle and they are all machine washable (hurray!!).  They come in a really neat see-through soft bug jar and they are really kind of cute.  At first Will just really liked playing with eating the bugs, but he’s starting to get interested in taking them out of the bug jar too.  I think it will be a great toy as he gets a little older and can practice putting the bugs in the jar and taking them out again.

I’ve been drafting a “baby gear” post in my head since Will was about 2 months old I think.  Any interest in such a post?  We aren’t super consumers of baby stuff, but we have a few things that we like enough to shout their praises from the rooftops…or this blog.  I’ll work on it for next week!


One thought on “Welcome to the Baby Toy Menagerie

  1. I’ve been meaning to do a baby gear post too. I’d love to read yours! We have somehow accumulated waaaaaaaaay too much stuff, but in reality only use a tiny fraction of it. I blame well-meaning grandparents. In fact, we came on this DC trip with about three toys, which frankly was enough. We’re leaving with a suitcase full. Sigh.

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