Apricot & Chocolate Chip Scones

We are off to Guangzhou for the weekend to see Will’s Nai Nai but I’ve got a post about my camera and lenses and photography whatnot scheduled for Sunday night (America)/Monday morning (China).  Until then, Scones!!

How do you feel about scones?

Do you like them? Hate them?

Do you try them with high hopes and then find yourself disappointed?

I usually do.  Scones always seem like such a good idea.

They really should be a sweet-but-not-too-sweet breakfast treat that goes as well with a solitary cup of coffee and the morning paper as they do with tea and a side of girly gossip.  Too often though they are crumbly and yet heavy and impossible to finish at the same time.  A waste of butter and flour, in my opinion.

Except these scones.  These scones are perfect.  They are moist, they are fluffy.  They rise so high and go down smoothly-not a dry crumb in sight.

Do you follow Smitten Kitchen’s blog yet?  You really should.  Sometimes I think the only reason I don’t write a food blog is because I could never write as perfectly or cook as well as she does.

The woman makes my kind of food and her recipes always work, always.  There are never any typos, never any confusing instructions; she’ll make a recipe 5 times over to get it right before she shares it on the world wide web.  Her obsessive attention to detail sets her apart from just about every other food blog that exists and her writing is just plain lovely to read.

I’ve cooked nearly everything she’s ever posted and I’ve never once been disappointed.  In fact, I’ve found most of my favorite crowd-pleasing recipes on her site.

The scones she writes about here are as dreamy and as creamy as she says they are.  It’s my favorite scone/biscuit recipe.

Generally I’ll make a batch of scones or biscuits, cut them into rounds or wedges and then flash-freeze and bag them to bake at a later date.  It’s a nice, super easy way to always have something warm from the oven to take to a friend’s house or to surprise the hubs with on a random Thursday morning.

For these apricot and chocolate chip scones, I took the basic Smitten Kitchen recipe and added a tightly-packed 1/2 Cup of finely chopped dried apricots and a 1/2 Cup of bittersweet chocolate chips.

I pulsed everything in a food processor to break up the chips and the fruit, and to better distribute them in the dough.  I added a bit of extra milk to hold things together.  The turned out really lovely, the tart fruit balancing the sweetness and depth of the chocolate.  I think the extra few pulses in the food processor were key to making sure the scones stayed fulffy and light even with the extra ingredients.

I always cut my scones into small wedges that can be eaten in two to three bites.  It’s a good size for bringing to a 10am coffee social where no one really wants to eat a full meal’s worth of food.  On the other hand, having two or three with jam and clotted cream makes for a lovely breakfast.

Here’s to a breakfast pastry for every occasion.


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