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Ringing in the Chinese New Year with Angry Birds

Chinese New Year/Spring Festival is finally over here in Chengdu but I couldn’t resist sharing this little bit of festiveness that Chris’ mother sent us for the holiday.

If Angry Birds is big in the United States, its like a national obsession here.  You know how people say everything is bigger in Texas?  I’m starting to feel that way about things in China.

Louis Vitton bags are a prized possession for some people in the United States; here they are so vital to the way business works, we have the world’s 1st and 3rd largest stores.

People in the U.S. love sushi; people in China are starting to love sushi so much that there is a good chance they will decimate the world supply to the point that we may no longer get much of it Stateside within the next decade or so.

I could go on and on with examples but I’ll stop for now.  I hope I don’t sound judge-y writing these things.  I think at one time I might have been very judgmental but I don’t feel that way anymore.  It’s not that I think China is all great and there is nothing wrong here, it’s just that there is always a reason for why things are done the way they are done.  Sometimes its a good reason, sometimes its not, but I can appreciate how difficult it is to change the way things are done in a country like this one.

I don’t particularly like the guanxi/gift “tradition” here but I can empathize with the employee who desperately wants a promotion and has no other recourse.  I wish we would all choose our raw fish wisely and do a better job protecting the oceans, but I love me some sushi and I really can’t blame my Chinese neighbors for loving it too.

All of which really has nothing to do with Angry Birds, whoops!  Let’s come up for some air now, shall we?

Bottom line, if you need any (not entirely IPR legit) Angry Birds paraphernalia, up to and including Chinese New Year decorations, China is where it’s at.


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