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Proving Mama Wrong or How Babies Really Do Grow Up Too Fast

“Well that was a waste of money I guess,” I said as I watched my 4 month old give Sophie yet another quick cool look of utter disinterest.  Try taking that giraffe away from him now.  I dare you.  It won’t be pretty.

“Will hates his stroller,” I used to say.  Until Sunday when we took him to the grocery store in it and then on a long looping walk around the neighborhood.  He watched the scenery for awhile and then fell fast asleep as we rolled over bumps and curbs and swerved around scooters.

“He won’t let me put him down!” I wailed on more than one occasion.  Now he grunts and whines in frustration if we keep him penned up in our arms for too long.

“He’s too thin!”  ‘Thin where?’ I think now, as I study the dimples on the back of his hands and the pudgy fat pads on his feet.

“He wont eat solids!” I told anyone who would listen.  I cleaned squash out of his nose yesterday, twice.  He likes it so much he practically bathes in it as he attempts to lick his spoon clean.

“Schedule? Routine? My kid abhors the concept of a regularly scheduled nap or meal!”  Or he did until he settled into a near perfect 2-3-4 pattern within a week of turning 6 months old.  These days we can actually plan things around his naps instead of dreading an ill-timed outing.

“Baths scare him,” I told my mom.  Until we went to Thailand and he discovered how much he loved the pool.   It’s getting him out of the bath that is hard now.

It turns out my little, tiny baby has turned into a braver, more curious about the world, bigger baby.  I hear one day soon he’ll turn into a little boy on me.  It hardly seems believable but then again, I still can’t get over how my chicken-wing newborn got those absurdly adorable chubby thighs that he’s sporting now.

He may take time to warm up to new things but really, it seems I have no business saying what my baby likes or dislikes, what he can or can not do.  It’s always just a matter of what he can’t or doesn’t like to do yet.

Which means the rocking-to-face-plant maneuvers will eventually turn into full-blown crawling, those teeth I’ve sworn were just about to poke through since he was 8 weeks old will one day come in and maybe someday he’ll even sleep through the night.

But even if he doesn’t anytime soon, it’s ok. He’s my baby for now and while I can’t keep him small enough to sleep on my chest forever, I’ll take what I can get.  It’s nice to be right about at least one thing for a little while.

baby self feeding with spoon


4 thoughts on “Proving Mama Wrong or How Babies Really Do Grow Up Too Fast

  1. Our Sophie made it all the way to Africa and back, but was sadly recently lost on a trip to target. Even though Flynn loved it, he seems to have moved on from his loss.

    • Isn’t that always how it works? Hope you are feeling ok!! We are sending good thoughts and healthy juju your way! Will you guys still be in D.C. come May? It would be fun to introduce Will to his gege (big brother in Chinese, everyone is a brother or sister here) at some foreign service-y social event!

      • Thanks for the good thoughts. We’re hoping we’re not going to be in DC in May. Right now the plan is to head back to Benin in the middle of March. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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