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In case you were worried that our lives were picture perfect…

baby and daddy rubbing noses

It’s been a ringer of a week in Casa Dumm.  I don’t have much to write about or rather, what I have to write about is generally of the “b*tch and moan” variety.  Don’t get me wrong, our lives are still wonderfully blessed, but it’s been a week of little things.  I don’t like to be a Debbie Downer on this blog, but sometimes it’s nice to “keep it real” once in a while.

In any case, some thoughts:

*Last week (ish? my brain is so fuzzy I can’t remember?) we attempted to move Will to his own room and were thwarted by a nasty cold and fireworks.  Oh and the fact that we accidentally plugged our 110 voltage baby monitor into a 220 socket and destroyed it.  Granted, we can hear Will scream through closed doors from anywhere in the apartment so it wasn’t exactly vital baby gear to begin with, but in any case, our timing was really bad and we paid for it.  He’s back in our bed, clinging desperately to me every night.

*Will’s said “cold” kept us up all night for nights on end over the Chinese New Year holiday.  He screamed if I attempted to recline or move him to a horizontal position.  You can guess what’s coming right?  Baby’s first ear infection!  We got him started on antibiotics, the pink bubblegum stuff.  I have fond memories of that medicine, it tasted so sugary and delicious, I was really sad when I become resistant to it and had to move up to the hardcore drugs sometime during elementary school.  Will has, rather unfortunately, not yet developed a taste for dye and additive-packed sugar water though.  It’s an epic battle every 12 hours.

*Babies are apparently very good at getting their parents sick.  Both of them.  At the same time.

*I generally consider myself to be immune to all illness and anything that interferes with being a superwoman but I too have my breaking points.  At one point, while I was sick last week, I put Will down in his crib and just prayed he’d fall asleep while I took a 5 minute nap on the bed next to him.  I woke up to him staring at me.  Mama fail.

*Last weekend was a “let’s stay in our pajamas and eat sandwiches for lunch and dinner!” kind of weekend.  Only minus the exclamation point, we would not have had the energy for that.

*Will may or may not like bananas.  The jury is still out but it’s looking hopeful for Team Banana.  I once swore I would never feed my kid fruits before vegetables.  Ah yes, instead of Will eating vegetables, I’m eating my words.

*Speaking of eating and not eating things, I’m eating dairy or eggs and a few other things for the time being.  It’s thought that perhaps Will’s wild flailing, crying, gassiness, and general unhappiness at night might be due to the fact that he’s reacting to something in my milk.  Considering both grandmothers, both aunts, and his father are all at least a little lactose-intolerant, it’s not a bad theory.

*This is rather unfortunate as the last 3 meals I made and all of the cookies sitting on the counter contain butter.  And I am HUNGRY.  Will has been nursing so much lately, I can hardly eat enough to keep up. On the one hand, yay for skinny jeans!  On the other hand, between not getting enough sleep and not getting enough calories, I look kind of awful.  It turns out that skinny does not equal attractive unless you are a super model.

*Since I can’t have cookies, I’m considering attacking the peanut butter jar…with a really big spoon.

*We leave Chengdu in 2.5 months.  We’re in that yucky stage where it’s hard to enjoy the present without looking too forward to the future.  We’re socializing with an expiration date.  It’s a little sad.

*We have 8 weekends left in Chengdu (10 total before we head back to America).  I’m working on having an activity or an outing planned for each one to help us make the most of the rest of our tour so here is hoping I will have more interesting things to write about and some nice non-Will photos again soon.


3 thoughts on “In case you were worried that our lives were picture perfect…

  1. Peanut butter spoons are totally legit! Hang in there. That sounds just miserable. I hope the change in your diet or something else worse for you. Having a kid who doesn’t sleep is tough! Thinking of you.

  2. Sleep is the key to everything — so hoping that you are getting some quality time sleep soon, even if it means holding your child while you both snooze. Hang in there –and there is no ‘mommy fail’, take care of you so you can care for the little one. It will get better. Peanut butter is a great start!

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