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“I know its hard to hear me over the end of the world going on out there…”

…but wow, Chinese New Year.  Our bed shook last night as families lit industrial-strength fireworks off of their tiny balconies in the apartment complex next door.  Across the street the very high-end restaurant/brothel put on it’s own, admirably professional-grade, show.  The volume of noise was actually indescribable.  It was as if each restaurant and apartment building in the area was its own small town putting on a Fourth of July fireworks show, except all within a few block radius, at the same time, and for hours on end.

I don’t have any pictures due to the very sick and very unhappy baby who refuses to leave my lap (or sleep anywhere but my lap) but I wish I did.  In spite of the fact that the ringing booms and occasional ambulance sirens went on an on until 3am, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

It was truly an experience I’ll never forget, although I could do without having to repeat it for the next few nights, or ever again for that matter.

I also wonder how parents of young kids here feel about it.  In the States I know some parents get crabby over a few errant fireworks on July 3rd.  In comparison CNY sounds like a 20-story building getting demolished over and over for nights on end.

Then again, everything in this country is loud, from the legions of sales people in grocery stores shouting into tinny microphones at truly ear-splitting decibels, to the scooters and buses all badly in need of new mufflers and brake pads, to the upgraded horns on the black Audis indignantly honking at pedestrians to get off the sidewalk they wan to drive on.  Maybe kids here just get used to loud noises and so Chinese New Year is more like a blip on their radar rather than the “omg is someone INVADING?” that it sounds like to us.

In any case, we remain incredulous.  Amazed, incredulous, and only slightly crabby.

Happy New Year from China!


I had no photo of fireworks so I thought I’d share this photo of Will attempting to eat a New Year’s Dragon toy.  Read into that whatever you will.


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