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My husband went to Shangri-La and all he brought me was a billion beautiful photos…

…and a gorgeous bracelet of prayer beads.  Blessed by a monk pulling gift shop duty at the monastery.  True story.  Monasteries in China have gift shops.  Anyways, it’s beautiful and I love that Chris asked the monk to say two prayers on it–one for me and one for Will.  I don’t know what kind of prayer the monk said for Will but the kid sure likes trying to get the prayer beads off my wrist and into his mouth any chance he can get.

I also love all of the photos Chris took.  I would have loved to go with him to the fabled home of heaven on earth to do some exploring while he worked, but its too high up in the clouds to take the wee one before he turns one, maybe next time.  To make up for it though, Chris took approximately a billion pictures to show me the sites.  He’s pretty handy with the camera these days, so without further ado here are a few of my favorite shots of his with just a few tweaks:

Shangri La is a controversial place in China, it was majority Tibetan and its only barely hanging on to that distinction as Han Chinese entrepreneurs move in and money from the central government flow freely to promote tourism in the area.  Deforestation is a huge issue in the area, as is visible in at least one of the photos above.  If you are into feeling depressed about environmental issues in China or just want to feel a little better informed, I highly recommend When a Billion Chinese Jump by Jonathan Watts.


4 thoughts on “My husband went to Shangri-La and all he brought me was a billion beautiful photos…

  1. Crazy, can you not take babies beyond a certain altitude? What about flying? What about people who live at high altitude?

    I feel like there is a huge amount of things I don’t know about children – they give you a book that tells you all this stuff when you have them, right?

    • hahaha! Yea, they come with a manual and a how-to guide, I wish 🙂 🙂 If a kid is born at altitude, they are already used to it so no problem, same thing with planes-they are pressurized, but babies who are at a lower altitude aren’t supposed to go to high altitude during the first year. Colorado high is fine, Shangri La high is borderline so we decided not to risk it.

  2. okay- now I’m confused. I’ve never heard of this either! The bushbaby was born in Jo’ burg (alt: 5,750ft) so does that mean she’d be okay to go to Denver? even though we live at sea level now?
    Also- been meaning to thank you for the vanilla teether suggestion. I just received some in the mail and they’re a hit.

    • Hey Eve! Sorry to be confusing! I don’t know the exact medecine behind this precaution but its what we’ve been advised about here in China because we have some really high places with basically non-existant medical care should the kid get altitude sickness or worse. We are talking high, high though, like big mountain-high. Denver high is no problem in comparison, from what I understand?

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