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2012 To-Do List

Taking a break from Thailand recaps, I’m a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions but I think I’m am even bigger fan of to-do lists.

I have resolutions, the sort of immeasurable things like “Show Will all of the beautiful and wonderful things in the world that I can” and “Spend more quality time with Chris everyday,” “Be good,” “Start running 4-5 days/week again as soon as we leave Chengdu’s “fog”/really creepy little compound gym.”

Those things are great but it’s also nice to have a list of concrete things to look forward to and ultimately check off the list.

I’m sure I’ll add to this list once we get to Delhi but for now, here are a few (ha!) of the things I want to do in 2012:

1. Get the house organized for pack-out, to include buying lots and lots of giant plastic bins, cleaning out our closets, making a list of all of the supplies we need to stock up on in the States.

2. Take Will to Tokyo (my first trip too!)  Eat ramen, sushi, takoyaki and all sorts of deliciousness.

3. Visit the San Xing Dui museum just outside of Chengdu-this has been on my to-do list pretty much since we got here.

4. Do a photo walk of Yulin Market and the little alley market off of Nijiaqiao.

5. Buy a sewing machine finally and make Will a pair of these pants out of some of Chris’ old dress shirts that are worn out around the collar.

6. Throw a Pack-out Party before we leave Chengdu to share all of the wine, booze, and food we can’t take with us.

7. Eat multiple bowls of dan dan mian, rabbit, yue xiang zhe zi, and all of my other favorite Sichuan foods.

8. Take Chris to see Chicago-not just the airport.

9. Take a family road trip to Madison to hang out on the terrace, visit the farmer’s market, eat Ian’s pizza.

10. Take Will to his 3rd diner, the Pancake Place in Green Bay.

11. Go to MN to see one of my best girlfriends get married.

12.  Leave Will with my parents for a night and go out with Chris.

13. Go to this awesome photo festival in Charlottesville.

14.  Eat at the Blue Moon Diner, Mas, Tavola, and all of our other favorite Charlottesville restaurants.

15. Eat at 2 Amy’s, Ray’s the Steaks, Ren’s Ramen, and all of our other favorite D.C restaurants.

16.  Brunch, lots and lots of brunch.

17. Run a road race.

18. Go to the Folklife Festival.

19.  Take Will to the Air & Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, The Sackler, The Sculpture Garden and all of our other favorite Smithsonians.

20. Run along Rock Creek Parkway.

21. Introduce Will to our Saturday morning Open City croissant and coffee followed by a walk through the zoo tradition.

22. Go for “Honeymoon Coffee” (back story: Chris and I didn’t take any time off work after our wedding so the Monday morning after we got hitched we stopped at this coffee shop for a quick morning break and the cafe has been known as our “honeymoon coffee” place ever since).

23. Eat lots of Vietnamese, Lebanese, Thai, Japanese and pretty much every kind of non-Indian food as we can in D.C.

24. Splurge on all sorts of fun stuff at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods at least once while we can.

25. Take Will outside every single day we are in America.

26. Have a family 4th of July picnic on the Mall to watch the fireworks.

27. Take Will hiking in the Shenendoahs, maybe even overnight?

28. Look for a plot of land, maybe buy?

29. Go to Annapolis to eat crabs.

30. Throw one epic dinner party in D.C. to celebrate the abundance of good food in America.

31. Throw one quiet but fun first birthday party for Will.

32. Sort of out of order here but: eat at our favorite Taiwanese fake meat restaurant in Chengdu one more time

33. Take Will on at least one but hoepfully many  night walks in D.C.

34. Take Will to “The Farm” in Door County.

35. Try making croissant again.

36. Make cream puffs just because.

37. Take Will to the Chesapeake.

38. Find part-time free-lance work in Delhi.

39. Have at least one writing piece published not on my blog.

40.  Visit Foamhenge in VA.

41. Design and build a professional/non-baby self-hosted website to write about non-baby things (my tentative due date: April 14)

42. Move baby/home/food stuff to a new WordPress-hosted blog (still need a new name, any thoughts?)

43. Go on our annual Labor Day Hike.

44. Host or co-host Thanksgiving.

45. Host friends and family in Delhi.

46. Visit Kerala.

47. Finally see the Taj.

48. Visit Jaipur.

49. Plan Christmas vacation.

50. Write story(ies) based on interesting people I interviewed in Chengdu’s restaurant business.

51. Start interviewing at least one interesting person a month and publishing the story or interview on my soon-to-be-created non-baby blog site.

52. Write my “why do foreigners stay in China?” story.

53. Start working on a novel just for fun.

54. Read at least one book a quarter.

55. Meet up with all of my Ashoka people, we’ll be living close by so hopefully this will be easy!

56.  Introduce Will to his Smith-side NY family.

57. Introduce Will to his Jhin-side NY family.

58. Introduce Will to his Great-Grandpa Dumm.

59.  See as many of our East-coast friends as many times as possible.

60.  Meet as many of our friend’s new babies, puppies, significant others as possible.

61. Try Momofuku pork buns.

62. Go out for one absurdly delicious tasting menu in NYC while someone else watches Will.

63. Celebrate our anniversary for real this year, perhaps with the above tasting menu.

64. Convince my sis and her man to come visit us in India.

65. Host a Halloween Party.

66. Buy a new swimsuit that is modest enough to chase Will around the pool in in Delhi and cute enough that I want to wear it everyday.

67. Scan all of Chris’ mom’s old photo albums for her.

68. Ask my parents to sit down and tell me their life stories, write them down.

69. Do a family photo shoot for someone not for money but just because I like taking photos of people.

70. Find a good tailor, all of my new favorite grocery stores, and my new favorite markets in Delhi.

71. Find an Indian Ashoka Fellow to volunteer for.

72. Visit Bombay and Bangalore to see some of our favorite India people.  Hang out with all of our favorite people in Delhi.

73. Experiment with a few new bread recipes.

74. Can a bunch of seasonal fruits and veggies in India.

75. Continue my quest for the perfect tomato sauce.

76. Make avocado fries in my mom’s deep fryer.

Are you still reading?  Wow, sorry!  That list got long and there is even more I could add!  2012 here we come!


4 thoughts on “2012 To-Do List

  1. Loved your list. I hate new year’s resolutions but I do like to do lists and goals. If you are still looking for a family to “shoot” we’d love to be your “targets”. I’d be happy to return the favor. I just got a new SLR for Christmas and will hopefully know how to use it by the time you guys get to Delhi. Are there avocados in Delhi? I have been asking and some people say that there aren’t any others say they’ve seen/bought them there but that they were not good at all.

    • Yay! I would love to take photos of your family sometime, that would be so fun!! My hunch is that avocados in Delhi are a little like avocados in China: if you look hard enough you can find someone selling them but it’s usually for a price somewhere around $5-10 for a single avocado and its probably not a very good specimen anyways. Hence, I’ll be eating as many as I can before we leave America! (Also as many raspberries, other berries, asparagus, and other similar items as possible! 🙂 )

  2. Awesome! I did find out recently that there are strawberries in Delhi for about a month right about now. They are about the same price as in the US, so I will probably be freezing some. If we have a freezer that is. One can only hope because it would be great for storing seasonal fruit/veggies for use later…

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