We broke my cardinal rule of Asia travel…


…we visited a most treasured national landmark on a national holiday. On a really hot sunny national holiday, with a baby. In China such a mistake could have ended in being stuck for hours in a human traffic jam halfway up a mountain and some serious claustrophobia and a bad case of the grumps. Here at least it just meant we were all a little sweaty and a little photo-bombed.


Still an amazing site, I can’t wait to share all of the pictures Chris took while Will boycotted the ergo and conked out in my twitchy shutterbug arms. Poor guy got lots of commands (“take a picture of that!” “dial back on the aperture! You need more shutter speed!”) but he took some great shots. He also made me a desperately-needed belt with just some webbing and a carabiner. Proof that I still suck at packing and that he is the ultimate Mcgiver. What would I do without him?

We will be back in Chengdu soon, until then, look! It’s a baby at the palace!



4 thoughts on “We broke my cardinal rule of Asia travel…

  1. ALWAYS love your photos…. beautiful! I have so much to learn on the shutter speed/aperture… know nada. Also love the “kid” stuff, as our little one is close in age. They are much more resilient than their mamas, I too know this and have a hard time seeing them ever uncomfortable. Good for you to dive in and enjoy the time away. Glad you enjoyed BKK; we heart it too! The Land of Smiles, it is.

    • pshh I have so much to learn still! I’m just starting to feel comfortable shooting in manual, it really is all about repetition and practice. Also, starting out with asking myself what kind of focus I want (a blurred background, everything clear) makes the whole process much more straight forward. Once I know that, I dial up or down on the shutter speed and, if necessary, the ISO. I don’t even know what numbers and settings I use most of the time, I listen more for the “clicks” as I spin my dials. From experience I know a certain amount of “clicks” will give me what I want…at least in Chengdu’s gloom. As soon as we got to Thailand and I had such strong light again, I had to figure everything out all over again! Sooo many washed out photos! I love reading about your experiences in Bangladesh, you seem to be getting out and doing so much, and with 2 littles besides! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  2. I guess your cardinal rule is not to visit a treasured national landmark on a really hot sunny national holiday, with a baby… that is definitely a good rule! But it sounds like it all turnd out ok… cute baby looks saisfied with it!

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