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Happy New Year!


How was your New Year’s? We spent New Year’s Eve in an airport and New Year’s Day in Bangkok’s “weekend” market successfully changing diapers on top of plastic stools and trying to keep the worlds whitest five month old from turning a very Bangkok shade of pink.

Vacation with a baby ain’t a stress-free endeavor (hello constant worries about dehydration, 14 gazillion people grabbing our flirty baby’s hands, and the tendency of Will to up-chuck whenever I eat spicy Thai food), I’m still glad we were insane enough to try it and grateful to have such game and understanding and fun in-laws to travel with. I just wish my parents and sister were also here to join in the chaos fun.

I’ll be back in a few days with way too many pictures and a full download but for now I’ll leave you with this: the palest baby in the tropics hanging out in the pool:



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