Thankful on Thursday


1. Will letting Chris give him a bottle and put him down last night.  Sure he only stayed asleep for ten minutes and I had to hold him until 10pm but still!  Progress!

2. Chris’ new nickname for Will:  “Argentina” as in “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”  Love that man.

3. My mom for sending me cranberries and pistachios so I can make my annual Christmas biscotti.

4. The rain.  It rained last night which means we’ll have pretty clean air today, I might even get to take Will outside!

5. The hubs.  When I found this awesome arrangement of a great Steve Job’s quote, I almost ordered it…until Apple made Acumen Fund stop selling it.  Darn.  But then my man found a way to get it printed and framed here in Chengdu and it just looks so good and it was such a thoughtful gift.  It’s going in Will’s room to remind him (when he’s older) to always think outside the box.

6. These teething rings.  After 5 tries, I’ve finally found a teether that Will prefers to our fingers!  Bonus: they smell like yum.  I always stop to smell them before I give them to Will. 🙂

7.  We leave for Thailand in 3 days.  ‘Nough said.

8. Our new refrigerator.  Joining the foreign service tends to mean living with 15+ year old appliances that you would have never picked out for yourself.  BUT our new fridge is fantastic.  I mean its still just a basic, white, cheap, fridge but its bigger and cleaner than the old one!

9. Skype and an amazing friend who got online at 5am just to say hi and meet Will.  She did this while sick with a nasty cold, a week before she moves to CA, a week after graduating from Johns Hopkins with an MBA/MPH and 2 days after hosting 7 people at her house for the holidays.  I’m a lucky girl to count her as a friend and it was awesome getting to finally show her Will sort of “in person.”

10. A new macaroni and cheese recipe with carrots and yogurt that is very tasty, borderline healthy and very easy.  I’m keeping this one in the back pocket for that “I will eat nothing but mac n’ cheese” phase that we are likely doomed to endure at some point.  Will post the recipe soon.


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