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When One’s Washing Machine Breaks…

Will is wearing this bear outfit because it is cute and because it is the last clean, warm, outfit he has left…

…it’s likely that the replacement will also be broken…

…but that you won’t find that out until 4pm on Friday afternoon…

….in the middle of attempting to wash most of your cloth diaper stash…

…with a full load of baby clothes waiting to go in right afterwards…

It’s also likely that this weekend without washing machine will be the weekend your son…

has a poo-tastic explosion all over his last clean swaddle…

and a catastrophic pee leak all over your bed at 4am…

Which leads me to 2 new insights into this motherhood thing:

1. Cloth diapering is infinitely awesome and easy—as long as you have a working washing machine.  Disposables are quite a charming alternative when your spouse is elbow deep in a sink of dirty diapers.

2.  I once thought it was possible for a kid to have too many clothes and too many blankets.  Nope, not possible.  I will no longer feel so guilty about his stuffed-to-the-gills drawers.  Between all of the usual suspects in the baby bodily fluids department and no washing machine, we’re finally hitting (drawer) bottom.

Not entirely related but this was also the weekend a plug adaptor melted in our laundry room and nearly started a fire.  Which makes me question whether the laundry room is really the best place to keep the fire extinguisher?

All in all though, still a good weekend.

The sun shone.

The air was clear enough to take Will out both days.

I went for a run.

We did a serious binge grocery shopping binge in hopes of not having to do another massive “staples” run for the rest of our tour.

We took a bunch of photos to the artist’s/framer’s shop where I fell in love with a couple of his pieces.

We took Will for Indian food and no one screamed or cried (neither the other diners nor us).

Will experienced his first “cold” temperatures and thought the cold air entering his mouth was extremely funny.

I burned through 11 cups of flour, 7.5 sticks of butter, and 3.5 cups of sugar to end up with 3 different batches of cookie dough in the freezer waiting to be baked and decorated this week.

We got a rice cooker/slow cooker.  We require a Chinese/English dictionary to operate the thing, but omg rice from a machine.  It makes me want to throw out the pot we were using and apologize profusely to Chris for all of these years I said we didn’t need a rice cooker…


One thought on “When One’s Washing Machine Breaks…

  1. Ahh, the rice cooker. World’s best invention. They make great quinoa too. I am so sorry about the washing machine issue. Super not fun with cloth diapers. That boy of yours is still the cutest though. The comment about his first experience with cold air made me laugh out loud. Kids are so fun. I hope the new washer works and holds out for the duration of the tour.

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