4 Months Old Haikus

Is Will already 4 months old?  Insane!  In honor of the occasion, a few tongue-in-cheek haikus! Bedtime Sleep: do or do not, there is no try.  Ok do not? Eleven P.M.     Where’s the Teeth? Drool everywhere  covers bibs, Mama shoulders,  Baby needs Sophie. “Talking” Squwak! Squeal! Ooh! Ah! Ooh! A-oooh! I see you! … Continue reading



My apologies, I can’t seem to write a post without including a picture of Will… We spent yesterday in a blissful state of baby-watching and food-preparation and then food-eating and good-times-having.  I have a problem when it comes to the holidays.  I thought that with Will this year I would take it easy, I’d make … Continue reading


This Kid…

…there are no words really. I just wanted to say that I like kissing his feet and I like the way he focuses so intently when he’s sitting in his new chair, playing with his rattle.  I like the giant wide-mouth grin he gives me when I take him in my arms.  I like the … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Pizza (aka pumpkin, figs, walnuts, blue cheese, dough-what’s not to love?)

I have a feeling I’m about to get very long-winded here.  Bear with me. No, this isn’t Thanksgiving pizza of the sort you order because the would-be-centerpiece-to-the-meal ends up a blackened poultry carcass covered in fire extinguisher foam. No, this is the kind of pizza you make if you were trying to skip the turkey … Continue reading