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Our Weekend-Hipstamatically

I finally broke down and joined the masses who’ve fallen in love with Hipstamatic and its ability to turn any old i-phone photo into a vintage-y looking masterpiece.  Do I prefer my real camera and with it my ability to fine tune aperture, shutter speed, etc?  Of course.  But I have to admit, it’s sure a lot easier to use the i-phone when I’ve only got one free hand and I’m busy baby-wrangling.  Either way, this funny little app is the most fun $2 I’ve spent in awhile.

Our weekend:

We ate falafel…

We took a sleepy walk…

We went to the grocery store… (the price of parking in this neighborhood has more than doubled since we left!  Chris and the parking lady had a nice little chat/laugh over China’s everyday life inflation.  Its kind of insane.  I’d say we’ve started paying nearly 30% more for our groceries since I left in June.)

Chris found, wonders of wonders, salmon.  Salmon that looked and smelled edible.  So he tried a gravlax cure:

We looked around the random indoor soccer court for the Cambodian-French man who knows how to cut laowai hair.  We may have found him.

We also made beef pot pie, some oatmeal raisin cookie dough, I took a much needed nap, and we got “booed” as my sneaky Halloween activity finally came full-circle back to us.

And of course we took wayy too many pictures of Will who has decided that sitting up is the new laying down.  Woe is he or she who tries to make him lay on his activity mat and play with his toys these days.  No way, not when there is sitting up (with help) to be  done!  Even more fun?  Standing up!

He was skeptical about meeting Chengdu’s Hash House Harriers last night…

But then decided that if we promised to put away the camera, he’d go and sleep through it.

So I took a picture of his daddy instead…

Yum, the “rabbit place.”  I will miss this restaurant when we leave.


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