He Hates Tummy Time So Much…

He up and learned to roll over.

I won’t torture you all with my horrid high-pitched baby talk in the video evidence but it happens every time we put him on his tummy now.

And seriously, he still hates tummy time.  We’ve tried getting on the floor on our tummies with him, toys, music, distraction but he still cries if we make him do it for more than a minute or so at a time.  Thoughts?



3 thoughts on “He Hates Tummy Time So Much…

  1. My first thought was that he sounds like a smart kid. Don’t like it? Fix it 🙂 Smart boy.

    Seriously though, we had one kid who did that too. And she started moving at first by scooting on her back, head first. Kind of like an upside down inchworm. It was really funny to watch. She rolled to get places too. She crawled a little later than our other kids but figured it out just fine and hasn’t stopped for a second since. She also now has a mean left soccer kick but writes and throws right handed. Who knows? With the tummy time thing, we’d just flip her back over every once in awhile after she’d been on her back a bit and let her stay on her tummy until she rolled herself back to her back. Then she got to enjoy the fruits of her labors for awhile. And I’d flip her again later. We also used to put toys just out of her reach so she’d have an incentive to roll back to her tummy. Maybe that’s why she rolled and scooted on her head 🙂 Poor kid. Anyway, hang in there. If he can roll over you’re doing something right, right?

  2. Our son also hated tummy time with a passion. He too would cry every time we put him on his tummy. We kept doing it every day though until he figured out the rolling thing though. Now he spends a lot of time on his tummy. He doesn’t necessarily love it but he got tired of being on his back and he likes the fact that he can see better what’s around him. At 8 months he is still not crawling but he is scooting on his butt and rolling all over the house. I don’t think he’ll crawl. He is a lot more interested in walking.

    That said, it is important that babies spend time on their tummies even if they don’t like it because it helps them develop their arm, back and leg muscles. Some kids get used to it and even eventually love it (our daughter was that way), some never do…

  3. It’s great to hear that Will isn’t the only anti-tummy-time baby out there. Becky, I love the image of your little girl scooting around on her back, sooo cute! Daniela, good to hear that, as they want to get more mobile, they tolerate the tummy time better. Thanks guys!

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