38 Week Update

Last week I finally took the plunge and bought myself my anniversary/i’m-about-to-have-a-baby-and-never-shop-for-myself-again-present.  The Canon 50m 1.8 prime lens.  I love it, I can see why people never take this little lens off their camera.

Sure the auto-focus is so clunky and loud and jerky that it feels a little like I’m holding a jackhammer instead of a camera, but unless I’m in a hurry, I usually focus manually anyways so I’m willing to overlook that default, especially considering how affordable this little lens is and what a difference it will make in being able to take nice, clean shots of Thumper after he’s born.  Chengdu is a dark, dark place and the 1.8 lets me shoot a little faster in lower light than I could before.  Besides, I’m somewhat convinced that the auto-focus jerkiness might be the fault of my super shifty astigmatism and not my super cool new lens.

Other than my new lens, there is no news except the fact that CHRIS WILL BE HERE IN LESS THAN 1 WEEK WHICH MEANS THE KID WILL BE HERE SHORTLY THEREAFTER!! Which means that time has officially stopped moving, which is why I am blogging, it’s amazing what a wonderful time-suck it can be. 🙂

Other items of note:

1. I broke down, our kid now has “a Sophie.”  Yes it squeaks like a dog toy but you know what, it also smells like awesome, seriously.  If I were a baby I’d be all gaga over that giraffe too.

2. What is with this ridiculous desire to fold and refold all of Thumper’s baby clothes!?!?  I mean, this is why people think preggo ladies are a little bit crazy.  Yesterday to avoid being the crazy preggo lady with the baby clothes, I voluntarily cleaned out my parent’s bathroom cabinets for them.  I can’t decide which is worse, refolding onesies or lecturing my mother, the nurse practitioner, on why she should replace the calamine lotion that expired in 1993.

3. As I confessed to Chris on Skype this morning, I’m finally starting to seriously freak out about the fact that we are about to have a baby and from what I hear the process of obtaining said baby is often VERY PAINFUL.  I’ve definitely been a little bit of an ostrich with my head buried in the sands of “LA LA LA I CAN”T HEAR YOU SCREAMING LADY IN THE BABY BIRTHING VIDEO!” And I’m hoping to remain in denial until after this kid is securely in our arms.

4. Truth: I’m preparing for this labor thing the way I’d prepare for a really long, hard, marathon training run at this point: knowing the different stages, knowing how to breathe, and putting together a killer playlist with a mix of uplifting alternative tunes and lots of profanity-laced hip hop for those moments I’d most like to drop a few F-bombs but not directly AT anyone in the room.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of a good curse word, they’ve done studies, swearing actually improves people’s ability to tolerate pain.

6. Just so I don’t sound like a totally irresponsible mother-to-be for my cursing-as-pain-management strategy and for not researching “hypnobirth” or taking a Lamaze class, I should note that I DID take a breast-feeding class in which I found myself trying not to breathe in the second hand smoke on the guy next to me whilst squeezing a yellow balloon with a fake nipple on it in order to make something called a “breast-sandwich” for the somewhat-creepy baby doll sitting in my lap.  I learned a lot and I’m glad I did it but the whole absurd experience made me somewhat grateful for the fact that there are no child-birth classes scheduled for the ten days that Chris will be here before Thumper’s due date.

7. I’ve reached that stage of pregnancy in which people on the street cease to see me as a person but rather as a belly, as a baby vessel.  It’s somewhat disconcerting to have elderly woman hang out their car windows to gawk as they drive past.  On the other hand, the other day I also had some young guys in a truck drive up behind me and start to catcall…until they pulled alongside and saw the massive baby-filled belly.  Their jeering smiles dropped and their faces went ashen.  They looked so traumatized as they sped off, if only all eve-teasing was so perfectly and poetically punished.

8. I’m at this point so bored and yet so incapable of productive work that I wrote an entire blog post about my cat and his neuroses.  I may or may not publish it.  For all of your sake’s I really hope this baby gets here soon, although not before Chris arrives and we’ve had a chance to go see Harry Potter.  One’s got to have goals and priorities in times like these after all.


2 thoughts on “38 Week Update

  1. SO glad you got Sophie! I think I commented a while back that some things, like ridiculously cute (though expensive) giraffes are worth it. I am considering an army of Sophies just now. Anything to ease the loneliness of spending this time (37 weeks…) by myself in a strange country! So glad you have your family with you and that you’re in the states! Good luck with the rest of it. I look forward to hearing about your birthing story- if you are able to miraculously post before I head to the birthing center my own self. Take good care and good luck!!!

  2. okay- just put a sophie in my amazon cart. that makes returning to Luanda much more palatable, knowing she’s there waiting for us!

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