37 Weeks…He Dropped…

…and while writing that title probably pretty much dooms me to having him go a week past his due date, it’s getting to that point now where I feel like I should be checking in on this blog or on Facebook every couple of days just to reassure the world that Baby Dumm has not yet made his grand debut.

He’s not here yet but according to basically every woman I’ve spoken with for more than 5 seconds in the past week, he has officially “dropped” and it “won’t be long now.”  I’ve heard it from the librarian, from my mother, from the woman who owns the adorable baby-clothes store down the street, from the check-out lady at Target.

It’s true, I think he has dropped.  His toes may still be in my rib cage on a regular basis, but his head is definitely down, way down.   After scoffing for months at the idea that pregnant ladies can’t cross their legs, this is suddenly a very, very difficult maneuver.

So is putting on socks.  I hate socks right now.

Of course he could hang out in this state for another 3 or 4 weeks but on the other hand, there’s nothing like your husband’s filght being booked home for a mere 10 days pre-due date to tempt fate.

Hence, Thumper and I have had long discussions about timing and punctuality.  We need a goldilocks baby here.  To early and Daddy misses the big show.  Too late and Mommy’s per diem run’s out before we get back to China.

At this point I’m more concerned with Thumper coming too early, though we’re ready in most ways.  Kid’s got a name (unless we change our minds for the thousandth time), kid’s got State Department paperwork all photocopied and highlighted and ready for us to shove in the doc’s face for signature pretty much the second he pops out.  He’s got a pediatrician and a 529 college savings plan picked out.  He’s got onesies and a bath tub and a place to sleep and the most adorably wee little socks in the world.

I may hate my socks right now but his socks on the other hand are pretty much the most amazing little things I’ve ever seen, so little and soft, and just so wee.  His little baby feet with those totally munch-able little toes will be wearing them in a few weeks!

Unless he’s like his mother and hates his socks.  Or unless he’s like his father and thinks the best way to celebrate the end of the day is to remove one sock–just one!–and leave it somewhere random around the house.  Like next to the computer, or wedged into a couch cushion or on the kitchen floor. It’s very strange.

Perhaps we are just destined to be one of those families with a giant bin of orphan socks in the laundry room at all times.

Ok, I’m getting off track here.

Back to the topic at hand, the salient points from this blog post should be:

a) Thumper isn’t here yet

b) Thumper will be waiting at least another 1 week and 5 days before attempting to leave the womb

c) If Thumper can wait long enough for Chris and I to sneak in one last pre-baby date night that would be fantastic

d) If we could also have enough time to go see the final Harry Potter movie in the theater together before I go into labor that would be really, really great as well.

e) If I go into labor whilst at the theater watching Harry Potter, I have no intention of getting up and walking out until the credits roll.  Green Bay-ren: consider bringing a rain coat to the the matinee showing on the 24th.  Just saying.



2 thoughts on “37 Weeks…He Dropped…

  1. Sending you good, on time baby thoughts. Your first line cracked me up. Our first kid came on his due date, the one day I didn’t plan for. We are one of those families with a giant basket of orphan socks in the laundry room. (Which is part of the reason I am going to try to convince my husband to bid sandal posts whenever possible.) The good news is that they make good puppets and “skates,” which also dusts the floor. So excited for you to welcome your little one!

  2. Oh, exciting. I hope he can wait till Chris is in town. I know he would be sad to miss it, but he would understand his little boy’s hurry…
    Looking forward to the next post 🙂

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