Walking Off 4th of July Dinner Indulgence

These days Thumper seems to be taking up quite a bit of real estate in the region where my stomach used to be.

Hence, after a delicious 4th of July dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus, silly amounts of watermelon, homemade raspberry lemonade and a massive brownie sundae topped with my new favorite vanilla ice cream recipe-I felt like I was going to explode.  Like I might actually bust my gut.

I mean there is just no way that much baby and that much brownie should ever have to fit together in that amount of space again.  My belly stretched out so distended-like that it threatened to topple me over face-first into the ground.

So I hauled myself out the door for a waddle along the river in hopes of feeling less like I was going to pop from too much food.  I brought my camera and my parents along for company.

Along the way we checked out the corn fields.  Due to an unseasonably cold spring, the corn was not “knee high by the 4th of July.”

I took advantage of the light to get a shadow belly shot:

I liked this tree:

One of the great things about my parents’ house is that they are a 5 minute walk from a trail that runs some 20 or so miles along the Fox River.  It’s great for early morning and evening strolls.  We see all sorts of birds and flowers, bunny rabbits, and even the occasional fox or two.  Tonight we stopped at a bathroom for me along the way and my mom offered to hold my camera since there’d be nothing to take a picture of in the bathroom.

Turns out there was something to take a picture of after all:

Along the way we found this bench, courtesy of a local business:

If you can’t quite read it it says “Dead tired?  Have a seat!” Van Gemert Memorials makes headstones for the local cemeteries.

It’s funny, right?

Along the way I managed to get an almost-in-focus shot of my mom before she realized what I was doing:

On the way home a cop car stopped traffic for me to cross the street by my parents house.  Talk about embarrassing.  Especially since my pained-looking waddle was definitely more brownie than baby-related.

And speaking of baby, he’s due 4 weeks from today.  Insane.  One one hand I can’t believe he’s almost here and on the other hand I have no idea how he’s supposed to continue to fit in there for another 4 weeks!  I already feel huge!

It was a lovely 4th of July spent with my family but it definitely sucked not being with Chris to celebrate our wedding anniversary today.  It’s hard to believe its already been another year and it’s been a wonderful one.  So much has happened since last 4th of July– we survived a Chengdu winter, found out I was pregnant, traveled to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, Malaysia, and took 14 flights on our R&R around the U.S.  We’ve made good friends, moved again, painted our baby’s room, and fallen even more in love than we were a year ago.   I just wish Chris could have been here for us to celebrate in person together.

Happy Anniversary my love!  I can’t wait for you to get here in a few weeks so that we can celebrate properly, or at least as properly as possible when one is 39 weeks pregnant and not able to drink wine, eat sushi, or even tie one’s own shoes.  Thank you for being the best husband, friend, and partner in crime that a girl could ever ask for.  Here’s to another year and many, many more.






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