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He’s Here

William Maxwell Born July 28, 2011 at 5:08am. Like every baby, he is perfect in every, single way except unlike every other baby he is ours. ­čÖé Jury is still out as to when he’ll lose the blue eyes and blond hair, but he’s got his Dad’s double sneeze and adorable nose and my longish … Continue reading


38 Week Update

Last week I finally took the plunge and bought myself my anniversary/i’m-about-to-have-a-baby-and-never-shop-for-myself-again-present. ┬áThe Canon 50m 1.8 prime lens. ┬áI love it, I can see why people never take this little lens off their camera. Sure the auto-focus is so clunky and loud and jerky that it feels a little like I’m holding a jackhammer instead … Continue reading


37 Weeks…He Dropped…

…and while writing that title probably pretty much dooms me to having him go a week past his due date, it’s getting to that point now where I feel like I should be checking in on this blog or on Facebook every couple of days just to reassure the world that Baby Dumm has not … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

Ok, culture shock and gratuitous donut shots. By the way, I’m putting cream filled donuts in the “you can make them at home but they really are so much better store-bought” category. ┬áSort of like hummus. ┬áMine will just never be as perfectly creamy as the stuff you find in the refrigerated section of the … Continue reading